Hello everyone!

We have welcomed our existing children back in to Nursery throughout the last couple of weeks, and we have welcomed several new children in to our 2 Year Old Nursery who are all settling in very well.

Last week (WC 24th September) we focussed on printing. Our children used several different colours in order to print shapes and patterns on to large pieces of paper. We used printing pads, our hands and rollers in order to do this.

This week we explored using boxes. Mrs Bah chose children to help decorate our mystery boxes with paint, tissue paper and glitter. We used our mystery boxes during good morning circle where each child had the chance to guess what item was in the box. Our children used some of the larger boxes to climb in and out of which they found particularly fun! We also used several boxes of different sizes to explore what noise our boxes made when hit with our hands or with a wooden beater.

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