Autumn is here

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to really use nature to promote the development of children.

The leaves changing and falling off trees, conkers, acorns and pine cones are all very noticeable changes. That’s why we decided to use all this autumn elements to offer different learning opportunities to our 2yo. Our autumn activities this week were:

Nature Hunt and play with your findings. We went out (not too far, just the big schoolyard) and we walked around the trees picking up autumn treasures!

Sensory trays : with autumn leaves, pine cones, sticks and twigs indoors we made a lovely sensory tray and an exploration table, just using the natural resources.

Play dough and autumn resources: Orange play dough and plenty of conkers, sticks and leaves to: “squeeze,” “roll,” “smash,”  “put in” and “take out.”

Leaf Sticking: there are many wonderful things that can be created by sticking leaves!

Colour exploration – Mix colours,talk about colours and make pictures with autumn colours and leaves or pine cones as tools.



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