Trains and Planes

This week in the 2yr Old nursery we continued with the transport theme from last week, with the focus on trains and planes!
We had lots of fun with our very own train made from crates. The children enjoyed being passengers, train drivers and ticket inspectors.

Our big red bus from last week has provided us with lots of fun this week too.   We turned it into a train, a plane and the children also enjoyed playing the three little pigs with Mrs Akoto.

The children went out to the outdoor classroom in the main school grounds to spot planes. They pretended to be planes by spreading their arms out like wings and moved around.  They also saw plane trails in the sky and lots of birds too. They then went for a walk on the school field and continued to swoosh around like planes high in the sky.

The children also had plenty of fun practicing their hand and eye co-ordination through painting, collage and making marks with felt pens.  The children were encouraged to identify the colours and to take turns.

Some of the children also explored the sensory tray with veggie jelly in. It was a different texture to our usual water tray, it was cold, squidgy and wobbly. Some of the children were not too keen on this but the most adventurous enjoyed pulling it apart with diggers, driving cars through it and using their hands to spread it around. Overall we’ve had lots of fun learning about different types of transport these past 2 weeks!

Have a great half term holiday and we’ll see you all back at nursery on Monday 5th November.



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