RED week!

In the 2 YO Nursery we couldn’t wait to introduce the beautiful world of colours to the children.This half-term we will be talking abut an specific colour each week. We started with RED!

Here are some of the colour-specific things we explored:

Red Collage

An adult input activity, ideal for developing children’s creative skills: Glue a “red themed” collage on paper. We invited the children to choose from different textured papers, all in red, of course!

Apples and peppers are red

In the creative area there was some printing with real apples and peppers. And some  brush painting in red too.

Playdough creations

We set up our play table with red play dough, red cookie cutters and some other tools. The playdough was set up on the table for the whole week being a success each day: red pizzas, red cookies and much more!

Water play

Bringing the fun of learning the colour red into the water!  This involves adding a few drops of red paint to the water tray  and some berry scented soap to stimulate their senses and make lots of bubbles too:)

Let’s make red rice and pasta!

Transfer, fill, empty and pretend cooking is always interesting, this week it was exciting discovering that rice and pasta can be red and a free messy play exploration.


Story time

On Thursday we went to the school’s library. Miss Whiteley read to us  “Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf”, a variation of the classic children’s fairy tale. The children enjoyed identifying any red element through the colourful pages of the story.

Snack time

We have offered the children strawberries, peppers and tomatoes in different days for snack. One of them was more successful than the others… Can you guess which one?

But the best for the end our very exciting Wear Red Day this Friday. Thank you to all the parents who helps us make this day remarkable by dressing their children according to the theme.

It is even more fun if we all take refuge under our big red “shelter”:

Looking forward to continue our colour exploration next week, BLUE will be the focus of our next activities.


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