Colourful Week

The 2 year old have enjoyed exploring with different colours including red ,blue, yellow etc. This week we decided to extend further the children’s interest by collaborating all the colours to make rainbows. on the creative table , we introduced the children to colour matching. we provided them with visuals and pictures of rainbow and pre- cut colours to find the correspondent colours. The children enjoyed taking part in this activity as they spent a prolonged period of times sticking the right colour to the rainbow.



Also, we introduced the children to a colour song during individual carpet time to which the loved to join in to sing. We also had colour  matching games to which the children were encourage to match it  to the right colour. it was such an exciting game which the children love to play.

on the tactile table, we made coloured glitter playdough. The children were engaged in this activity and used different approaches of learning which includes rolling, feeling and cutting the playdough.

Glitter Playdough

The water area was enhanced with different coloured Duplo bricks and balls. The children had fun splashing the water, filling pots and pans and also explored with the lego. Others also enjoyed taking turns with encouragement.

we went on further to explore with  Rainbow rice. The children were amazed at the colourful rice. Some of the children expressively said “Wow”!. Some other children attempted to say the colours of the rainbow rice randomly. They had a fantastic time filling pots and pans with rice, pouring ,scooping and feeling them as they play. The children also represented their thought imaginatively as they pretend to cook the rice.

Rainbow Rice

we also experimented and created beautiful patterns using marbles. The children loved rolling the marbles with colourful paint and seeing the effect on the paper. The children had fun taking part in this activity. Some children took the whole process to another level as the dance by twisting and using whole body movements. We also encouraged them to say the colours.

Rolling and Dance with Marbles!

Last but not the least, we went on to explore with red sand and transport. The children had fun playing in the red sand. They enjoyed feeling the sand, using diggers as they represented their ideas in play. Others enjoyed drawing patterns with their fingers. The children also enjoyed running the vehicles through the sand.

We went on further to create an incredible collage using  the red sand and stencils. The children made beautiful pictures of their choices.

Finally, the children made an incredible painting using brushes.  We provided the children with different paints and brushes to make a design of their choice. They were engage in this activity for a long period of time. The children represented their ideas in this activity as the they begin to make marks. The children were able to take turns with support.

Independent Play

some our 2 year olds have developed tremendously. They have such an incredible child – led play ideas. Well done kids for such an imaginative play.


It has been an incredible colourful week and looking forward to enjoy the weeks ahead even better!



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