Our focus for this week is on bubbles as the children have shown interest exploring with bubbles in the garden. We have extended the children’s interest further by enhancing the creative table with bubble wrap covering table and paper plates to print. The children enthusiastically joined in to play without any hesitation. They enjoyed printing and they were amazed about the print effect on their paper plate. Some children were proud about their achievements as they have a go and showed pictures to us at the end.  The children were also provided bubble mixed with paint to explore. The children  were enthusiastic and showed ” A can do attitude” to blow the bubble unto the paper provided.


Bubble Wrap Exploration



This adventurous  activity did not end here, we went on further to explore with bubble painting with feet on the floor to which some children loved. Some children were very happy to explore, others loved to watch what their friends were doing.We had children who were extremely happy about the poppy sound of the bubbles and repeated sound as its pops.

The children experimented with crepe paper painting. They made lovely paintings with using  different coloured crepe paper. we also enhanced the water area with different coloured crepe to which the children spent long period of time filling, pouring and emptying bottles.

Crepe paper Painting


Printing with Tea bag

Finally the children enjoyed printing with tea bags. The made fantastic pictures out of the tea bags. The children attempted and used different approaches of learning including,sliding, stamping, squeezing, rubbing etc.



Independent Play Ideas

well done kids for such a fantastic play ideas. We are looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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