We started our BUILDING topic on Monday 11th February and our first creative activity of the week with Miss Whitaker, was painting with lego bricks.  The children enjoyed dipping the lego into the paint and making lots of colourful marks on the paper. This activity was also repeated on Friday.

In the sensory tray we had hay, sticks, bricks and three little toy pigs as The Three Little Pigs was our story of the week.

You might think that dot to dot pictures would be a challenge for our 2 year old children, but not for our AMAZING 2 year olds.  Mrs Bah supervised this activity and was pleasantly surprised by the children’s fine motor skills and ability to join the dots.

Mrs Bah had a very busy day on Monday as she also played a colour matching game with some of the children using coloured paper, tweezers and small colourful objects.  The children were very impressive with their matching skills and determination to master using the tweezers.

Outdoor play this week has been wonderful and different, not only was the weather lovely and sunny but we got to play on the School’s Multi Use Games Area (The MUGA).  The children enjoyed running around, playing with balls, watching the diggers, crane, cement mixer and builders.


Our next creative activity was sticking twigs and hay onto paper to make stick and hay houses just like the three little pigs in our story of the week.  In the sensory tray on Tuesday we had polenta, dumper trunks and diggers.  The children really liked the soft powdery texture of the yellow polenta and enjoyed digging and filling the dumper trunks with the polenta.

STORY TIME – Mrs Gipini read The Three Little Pigs to the children using Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye), which is a form of storytelling originating from Japan. Thursday is also library time for us in the 2 year old nursery with Mrs Whiteley, and you’ll never guess what the story was.  Yes, The Three Little Pigs!! The children showed wonderful listening skills during both these activities, they enjoyed seeing the pictures change as the story continued with Mrs Gipini and four of the children volunteered to wear character masks during library time.

Mrs Akoto helped the children make a straw house with paper and colourful long straws.  This activity was good for developing fine motor skills and the children showed great listening and concentration skills too.

Our 2 year old children just love to build and here are just a few of them building some fantastic structures with wooden blocks independently!!

We borrowed the mini bricks from our 3 year old friends next door and had great fun trying to blow down the towers we built, just like the big bad wolf.

Stay and Play – Mark Making – Thank you to all the parents that came to our stay and play on Thursday morning, it was great seeing you all interacting and mark making with your children. Writing should be seen as an enjoyable fun experience and developing a child’s mark making skills in the early years will allow them to learn to control a pencil in such a way that it becomes automatic.


Have a fun and relaxing half term holiday and we will see you all back on Monday 25th February where our topic will be 1,2,3.




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