We have been back for two weeks and our 2 YO are keen to learn, explore and create as always. This week we talked about circles, triangles, squares and much more.

ART and shapes
Making pictures, creating collages pictures or sponge stamping: all of them are useful contexts for recognising and describing shapes

SORTING shapes
With jigsaws or playing in small groups to feed Robbie the Robot, this week he was hungry and felt like eating shapes…

Building 3D CREATIONS with squares.

Mrs Akoto brought all the ingredients to make pancakes, she had a lot of little helpers and we enjoyed some pancakes for snack time.

Even though Mrs Akoto cooked the pancakes for us, but some children were able to practice tossing them in our home corner.

We celebrated World Book Day reading and sharing some new stories with the children.

The rain was present for most of the week but our 2YO always enjoy their time outside.

We don’t want to say goodbye without wishing Mason a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for the cake, we had fun celebrating with you.

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