Children play, make believe by pretending because it is fun and also a vital components of normal child development. For this reason, our focus was on playing occupational roles with the 2 year old this week. We have enhanced the different learning provisions with various activities as part of our planning.The activities included painting fire station using a box, matching games, dressing up, building hospital using duplo bricks , making a collage of fire etc.

Imaginative play

The children represented their experience in different play ideas by acting out professions. Some enjoyed pretending to be doctors, fire fighters, vet, singers, builders etc. Imaginative play promotes children physical development for example fitting dolls arms through  the sleeves of her jacket are great for hand – eye coordination as is learning to move and control hands in different ways. Our 2 year old had great time this week.


Fire Station

The children enjoyed painting a big box as the fire station. They enjoyed taking turns through encouragement and also had the opportunity to talk to other children and building up language and socials skills.


Miss Gippini supported the children to make a collage of fire. The children enjoyed doing this activity for a prolonged period of time, spreading and sticking. with paper and glue.

The 2 year old were supported to play matching games. They were encouraged to match the correct profession using pictures cards. The children became happy after accomplishing the task. Well done !

Our 2 year old, enjoyed exploring with shaving form. some of the children pretended to bath with the form and others loved to rubbing in between fingers. They did actively engaged with this activity for a long period of time.

Messy Play


It has been a fantastic week with the 2 year old. We look forward to another busy week. Enjoy your weekend.



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