Our focus for this week in the 2 year old Nursery was on Birds. The children enjoyed making different crafts on birds. They used their imaginations and represented their thoughts and ideas in play. The children enjoyed the process of making a nest. First we utilised the school Garden collecting twigs and leaves to make nest. They also made   a collage with feathers.

                             Making Bird Nest


                            Printing with pretend Bird feet

                              Exploring with eggs and rice 

To further the children interest about birds, we went ahead to make a recreational area with visuals and sounds. They children were very happy and wondered where the sound was coming from. Some children were  enthused about the pictures of birds.They loved it more watching and pointed at bIrds flying in the sky.

                              Recreational Area


Story time with Miss Whiteley was engaging. The children enjoyed listening to stories and joined in with actions and repetition of words.

                               Story Time!


It has been an incredible week exploring nature and birds. We will continue to explore more on nature next week focusing on the wild. We are looking forward to it as it is going to be adventurous.

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