The Five Senses

We commenced this week with a remarkable Science week celebration. We focused on the five senses as we believe our senses are how we navigate life and assist us in interpreting the world we live in.

See below how we used these five senses to learn through play in the 2YO Nursery.


We tried different foods; oranges,strawberry, lemon, peppers etc.The children were very happy to try the food and expressed their likes and dislikes through their facial expressions.



The children enjoyed smelling different things, including; ginger, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and tooth paste. Again, they expressed their likes and dislikes mainly through their facial expressions.


We also explored how things felt, including; paint. We made a texture box containing different items to feel. We encouraged the children to enhance their vocabulary by asking if the items within the box were; soft, bumpy, rough, smooth or sticky?



We enjoyed listening to different sounds, such as the different noises instruments made. Mrs Robottom brought a traditional drum in to Nursery to play sound games with the children. I think they all really enjoyed it!


Finally, we explored the school grounds as we went on a ‘looking walk’ with the children. The children were encourage to find what they could see around them. Some children managed to spot different things within the environment such as; apple trees, flowers, birds and grass.


It has been a week full of adventure and lots of excitement. We are looking forward to yet another wonderful week ahead. Goodbye!

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