2nd June 2020

Yesterday I received these these beautiful photos from Logan’s Mum. Logan, Summer, Mum and Dad went for a walk in Roundhay park over the half term. They took a picnic filled with lots of tasty food. Mum said Logan really enjoyed eating all of his favourite snacks in the sunshine and seeing the ducks, swans and geese in the lake.

Summer picnics are so much fun! Why don’t you pack up your favourite foods and head outside this week? Perhaps you could meet up with someone? as long as it’s in a park or an outdoor space, and both parties maintain a distance from each other of at least two metres.

And remember as always to send your photos or videos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com.
Thank you! Continue to stay safe.

1st June 2020

Hello Everybody!
We hope you had a lovely half term.

Millie has been learning about the sounds made by individual letters. This is referred to as Phonics. Phonics instruction teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for children to be able to read unfamiliar words by themselves as they get older.

Take a look at the following YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BELlZKpi1Zs. It is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet.

Let us know how you get on by sending your photos or videos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com.
Take care!

Happy Friday Nursery!

Logan has been practicing all of his colours during the lockdown period with his Mum. He has also enjoyed splashing in his paddling pool whilst the weather has been good, riding in his Little Tikes car with his trailer attached, beep beep! and taken full advantage of movie nights with his sister, Summer. It looks like great fun Logan! I wish I could have all of those yummy snacks!

Perhaps you could practice your colours whilst you’re at home?

And remember as always to send your photos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com

Thank you! Stay safe, have a lovely weekend!

Maths with Millie!

Millie has been doing some fantastic maths work at home! She is practicing writing the number ‘2’. She is also holding her pen using the pincer grasp, great work Millie! In addition, I can see she is looking at the different shapes in her workbook. Maybe she is trying to name the shapes, or it could be that she is getting ready to trace them.

Do you know your numbers?
Perhaps you can practice your shapes at home!
Try to focus on circle, triangle and square.

Let us know how you get on by sending your photos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com

Stay safe!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all well. Thank you to Romario for sending in these beautiful pictures last week. It looks like you’re having a super time dressed as Mr Tumble! I can also see that you’re really enjoying some of the Julia Donaldson books. Perhaps some of the other nursery children might enjoy these too! You can access them on Youtube, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllFxIfCNYQvsRepWxT7n8A/search?query=Julia+Donaldson, or watch short clips of the stories here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/xpYGG9lgXlsny9s2czZnd4/julia-donaldson-adaptations.

Please remember to keep sending your photos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com.

We love seeing what you’re getting up to!

Happy Thursday!

Hello Everyone!

Reading books aloud to your children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop fundamental speaking and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. So, why not try?

  • Ask your child to choose their favourite story book. They’ll feel more interested in the story if they’ve picked it out themselves.
  • Turn off the TV, radio and computer to minimise distractions whilst you read.
  • Sit close together. You could encourage your child to hold the book and help turn the pages to promote independence.
  • Take a look at the pictures. Maybe there’s something funny in the pictures that you can laugh about, or perhaps your child enjoys guessing what will happen next.
  • Have fun! Don’t be afraid to act out situations or use funny voices.

Don’t have many reading books to hand?

Take a look at Storyline Online to share stories with your child: https://www.youtube.com/user/StorylineOnline/videos

Apps for your Children:
These Apps have been recommended to us by an independent education panel for good educational value for 2-5 Year Old Children. Why not give them a go? Simply search for them in the App Store or on Google.

  • ‘Hungry Little Minds’
  • ‘Cbeebies Storytime’
  • ‘Cbeebies Playground Island’
  • ‘Lingumi’
  • ‘Duolingo / Lingotot’
  • ‘White Rose Maths’ (Home Learning – Early Years)

We’d love to know how you get on so don’t forget to take pictures and email me on: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com

Stay safe!

World Book Week

The Launch of our 2YO Library 📚

As it was World Book Day this week, we decided to focus on some of our favourite stories in Nursery! This included ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Our children were able to act out ‘The Three Little Pigs‘ as you can see below.

We invited all of our Parents and Carers to join us for the launch of our 2YO Library. You all got to take your very own reading book home! Please remember to return your book every Thursday so we’re able to swap it for a different one.

Mrs Whiteley, the school Librarian, came to read us ‘The Three Little Pigs’ 🐷 🐷🐷 story. We really enjoyed it. Thank you Mrs Whiteley!



In Nursery we focused on the importance of taking care of our selves and keeping clean. This includes: cleaning our teeth, brushing our hair and washing our faces, to name a few. Some of which you can see our children demonstrating below.

We also made some lovely artwork using apples! Apples are very healthy so ensure you eat lots!

Spring | Growing

This week in Nursery we have done lots of exciting new things. Our children have helped Mrs Bah plant runner beans and water cress. When these have had lots of sun and water and begin to sprout our children are going to taste them during carpet time.

We have stuck tissue paper and tooth picks on to card to create our very own flowers, these will be on display in Nursery for our parents, carers and children to take a look at.

We filled our water trough with soil so our children could dig and bury the remaining seeds and beans for us to find. Our other trough was filled with sunflower seeds, we poured, scooped, lifted and dropped these from one container to the another. We have had lots of messy, fun play.

We also celebrated Leah’s Birthday on Thursday, so Happy Birthday Leah, have fun celebrating over the weekend. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake!