Welcome To Spring Term 1

It has been lovely welcoming all our new starters . They have all been great settling into Nursery and made a good start to the term.

We began the spring term focusing on Snow and Ice . We were lucky to have lots of snow to play with . The children had fun exploring in the snow, playing with snowballs , making foot prints and made a gigantic snowman with the help of Mrs Bah.

To further the interest of the children, we have been finding out about animals that live in the cold weather.

Animals that live in cold weather

We enhanced the water tray with animals that can survive in the cold. These included penguins, bears, seals and snow wolves.

It has been a fantastic three weeks exploring the world around us and we can’t wait for yet another great week ahead which we will be focusing on birds.

Festival of light ( Diwali)

As a school we endeavour to celebrate the cultures of all our people. This makes our people feel included and being part of the community as a whole.

In 2y0 nursery, we commenced the week celebrating the festival of light as our focus for the week. On our creative table, we made sand dough Rangoli light to which the children enjoyed decorating. We also made lanterns to decorate with different coloured glitter.

Happy Diwali !

The children explored in coloured sand, They enjoyed scooping,feeling ,moulding and filling into pots and pans.

We have extended the children’s learning by looking at things that we can see at night. We looked at stars, moon and pretended to explore the dark by turning the lights in our room.. The children also enjoyed making marks and created lovely patterns with chalk. The pictures below is a representation of their thought and imaginations in play.

We have had a fantastic two weeks exploring about light and dark . We look forward to yet another great week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend!

Indoor Activities

These fun activities are very easy, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house. Why not give them a go?

Bubble Wrap Prints

Before you throw that bubble wrap away, use it to make a cool paint stamp.

Race Track

Place masking tape on the floor to create a colorful, custom race track for tiny cars – and a place to park them when playtime is finished.

Tissue Box Monsters

You probably have lots of empty tissue boxes lying around the house. When you’re done, use the extra pom-poms to “feed” the monster. Turn it into a minute-to-win-it game by seeing how many pom-poms you can throw into the monster’s mouth in 60 seconds.

Fairy Jar/ Bottles

Lots of glitter and glow sticks placed in a jam jar make it possible to ‘capture’ a fairy.

DIY Kids Activities - Fairy Jar

 Outdoor Concert

Why not enjoy some music in the garden? Simply save your old pots and pans for the children to bang and tap whilst breathing in the fresh air.


We hope the above activities keep you busy as you enjoy being at home with the family together. It would be lovely for you to share the children’s learning with us by sending your pictures to maame.akoto@allertonceprimary.com.

The Five Senses

We commenced this week with a remarkable Science week celebration. We focused on the five senses as we believe our senses are how we navigate life and assist us in interpreting the world we live in.

See below how we used these five senses to learn through play in the 2YO Nursery.


We tried different foods; oranges,strawberry, lemon, peppers etc.The children were very happy to try the food and expressed their likes and dislikes through their facial expressions.



The children enjoyed smelling different things, including; ginger, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and tooth paste. Again, they expressed their likes and dislikes mainly through their facial expressions.


We also explored how things felt, including; paint. We made a texture box containing different items to feel. We encouraged the children to enhance their vocabulary by asking if the items within the box were; soft, bumpy, rough, smooth or sticky?



We enjoyed listening to different sounds, such as the different noises instruments made. Mrs Robottom brought a traditional drum in to Nursery to play sound games with the children. I think they all really enjoyed it!


Finally, we explored the school grounds as we went on a ‘looking walk’ with the children. The children were encourage to find what they could see around them. Some children managed to spot different things within the environment such as; apple trees, flowers, birds and grass.


It has been a week full of adventure and lots of excitement. We are looking forward to yet another wonderful week ahead. Goodbye!


Our focus for this week in the 2 year old Nursery was on Birds. The children enjoyed making different crafts on birds. They used their imaginations and represented their thoughts and ideas in play. The children enjoyed the process of making a nest. First we utilised the school Garden collecting twigs and leaves to make nest. They also made   a collage with feathers.

                             Making Bird Nest


                            Printing with pretend Bird feet

                              Exploring with eggs and rice 

To further the children interest about birds, we went ahead to make a recreational area with visuals and sounds. They children were very happy and wondered where the sound was coming from. Some children were  enthused about the pictures of birds.They loved it more watching and pointed at bIrds flying in the sky.

                              Recreational Area


Story time with Miss Whiteley was engaging. The children enjoyed listening to stories and joined in with actions and repetition of words.

                               Story Time!


It has been an incredible week exploring nature and birds. We will continue to explore more on nature next week focusing on the wild. We are looking forward to it as it is going to be adventurous.

Sports Week

Our focus for this week with the 2 year old is on sports. The children were actively involved in preparation for their sports day. They practised with various physical activities including, throwing balls, balancing, jumping and many more. they all were enthusiastic to join in and played cooperatively. Some children manage to overcome their fears by giving it go using try and errors which they became successful at the end celebrated their accomplishment.

Practising for sports day

Exploring with paint

The children continued enjoy exploring with marbles and paint. They made beautiful patterns using different coloured paint of their choice.


It has been an incredible week preparing for our sport day and we look forward to  seeing  you all next week. Have a great weekend.




To extend our planning further on spring, We decided to focus on birds for this week. The children created their own birds with feathers provided. They also enjoyed making nest for the birds as the habitat. The children had the opportunity to explore with different textures including, feathers, hays, birds seeds, glue, shaving foam, etc

New Playground

As a nursery we believe that parents involvement in school plays an important role in their children life. We value parent’s involvement in every aspect of children development in education. We therefore invited the 2-year old parents to our new playground. The children were happy to see their parents at nursery. The children enjoyed showing the parents the different activities set up in the various provisions. The The parents were happily engaged with the children throughout the session. A massive thank you to parents who managed to attend. It was  lovely to see you all.

We look forward to yet another great week  ahead  with lots of learning. Have a lovely weekend.




Children play, make believe by pretending because it is fun and also a vital components of normal child development. For this reason, our focus was on playing occupational roles with the 2 year old this week. We have enhanced the different learning provisions with various activities as part of our planning.The activities included painting fire station using a box, matching games, dressing up, building hospital using duplo bricks , making a collage of fire etc.

Imaginative play

The children represented their experience in different play ideas by acting out professions. Some enjoyed pretending to be doctors, fire fighters, vet, singers, builders etc. Imaginative play promotes children physical development for example fitting dolls arms through  the sleeves of her jacket are great for hand – eye coordination as is learning to move and control hands in different ways. Our 2 year old had great time this week.


Fire Station

The children enjoyed painting a big box as the fire station. They enjoyed taking turns through encouragement and also had the opportunity to talk to other children and building up language and socials skills.


Miss Gippini supported the children to make a collage of fire. The children enjoyed doing this activity for a prolonged period of time, spreading and sticking. with paper and glue.

The 2 year old were supported to play matching games. They were encouraged to match the correct profession using pictures cards. The children became happy after accomplishing the task. Well done !

Our 2 year old, enjoyed exploring with shaving form. some of the children pretended to bath with the form and others loved to rubbing in between fingers. They did actively engaged with this activity for a long period of time.

Messy Play


It has been a fantastic week with the 2 year old. We look forward to another busy week. Enjoy your weekend.




Our focus for this week is on bubbles as the children have shown interest exploring with bubbles in the garden. We have extended the children’s interest further by enhancing the creative table with bubble wrap covering table and paper plates to print. The children enthusiastically joined in to play without any hesitation. They enjoyed printing and they were amazed about the print effect on their paper plate. Some children were proud about their achievements as they have a go and showed pictures to us at the end.  The children were also provided bubble mixed with paint to explore. The children  were enthusiastic and showed ” A can do attitude” to blow the bubble unto the paper provided.


Bubble Wrap Exploration



This adventurous  activity did not end here, we went on further to explore with bubble painting with feet on the floor to which some children loved. Some children were very happy to explore, others loved to watch what their friends were doing.We had children who were extremely happy about the poppy sound of the bubbles and repeated sound as its pops.

The children experimented with crepe paper painting. They made lovely paintings with using  different coloured crepe paper. we also enhanced the water area with different coloured crepe to which the children spent long period of time filling, pouring and emptying bottles.

Crepe paper Painting


Printing with Tea bag

Finally the children enjoyed printing with tea bags. The made fantastic pictures out of the tea bags. The children attempted and used different approaches of learning including,sliding, stamping, squeezing, rubbing etc.



Independent Play Ideas

well done kids for such a fantastic play ideas. We are looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Colourful Week

The 2 year old have enjoyed exploring with different colours including red ,blue, yellow etc. This week we decided to extend further the children’s interest by collaborating all the colours to make rainbows. on the creative table , we introduced the children to colour matching. we provided them with visuals and pictures of rainbow and pre- cut colours to find the correspondent colours. The children enjoyed taking part in this activity as they spent a prolonged period of times sticking the right colour to the rainbow.



Also, we introduced the children to a colour song during individual carpet time to which the loved to join in to sing. We also had colour  matching games to which the children were encourage to match it  to the right colour. it was such an exciting game which the children love to play.

on the tactile table, we made coloured glitter playdough. The children were engaged in this activity and used different approaches of learning which includes rolling, feeling and cutting the playdough.

Glitter Playdough

The water area was enhanced with different coloured Duplo bricks and balls. The children had fun splashing the water, filling pots and pans and also explored with the lego. Others also enjoyed taking turns with encouragement.

we went on further to explore with  Rainbow rice. The children were amazed at the colourful rice. Some of the children expressively said “Wow”!. Some other children attempted to say the colours of the rainbow rice randomly. They had a fantastic time filling pots and pans with rice, pouring ,scooping and feeling them as they play. The children also represented their thought imaginatively as they pretend to cook the rice.

Rainbow Rice

we also experimented and created beautiful patterns using marbles. The children loved rolling the marbles with colourful paint and seeing the effect on the paper. The children had fun taking part in this activity. Some children took the whole process to another level as the dance by twisting and using whole body movements. We also encouraged them to say the colours.

Rolling and Dance with Marbles!

Last but not the least, we went on to explore with red sand and transport. The children had fun playing in the red sand. They enjoyed feeling the sand, using diggers as they represented their ideas in play. Others enjoyed drawing patterns with their fingers. The children also enjoyed running the vehicles through the sand.

We went on further to create an incredible collage using  the red sand and stencils. The children made beautiful pictures of their choices.

Finally, the children made an incredible painting using brushes.  We provided the children with different paints and brushes to make a design of their choice. They were engage in this activity for a long period of time. The children represented their ideas in this activity as the they begin to make marks. The children were able to take turns with support.