Our Pets…

Last week we focused on the different pets we have at home. Some of us have dogs, some of us have cats, some of us have; rabbits, goldfish, guinea pigs or chickens. At School we have lots of pets!

We began by giving our guinea pigs some food to eat…

We had our very own Veterinary Surgery! Our children particularly enjoyed the role play element of this and it was really nice to see where their imaginations lead them.


We welcomed all are new starters last week.
This week we learned lots of fun things about ice and how cold it is!!

We used ice paint on lolly pop sticks to paint with…

We had lots of fun playing in corn flour….

We used glue to stick down big snow clouds.


This week we learned about selfcare.


We washed our babes

We planted our sunflowers outside

We had baby chickens in nursery

We played with our babies

We played in the sunshine

We all did some painting








Mothers Day and my family 

Happy Mothersday to all our mummies and grandmas 💕

Our children decorated pots for the flowers they gave to their mums/grandmas, they looked Amazing ….


we made Mothersday cards….

we recycled our fire station!

And made it into a house to play in….

Home Sweet Home…..

All the children had lots of fun playing in the house.

💕We Learn to Love & Love to Learn (& play)💕

The children that are starting after Easter came to visit us…..

We we played outside in the lovely sunshine this week….

cream came out for a stroke….




Christmas is here!

All the children (and adults) were very excited to decorate the Christmas tree.

We also made Christmas cards using lots of different Christmas pictures and shiny snow flakes and glitter.  We decorated shiny cds to use as Christmas tree ornaments.


We played Christmas songs during the session and learned to sing some popular Christmas songs …. Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells…. What a Great Week.

MS Whitely came to read us a story in Santa’s grotto.

We finished the week by inviting all the new children to our stay and play session.