World Book Week

The Launch of our 2YO Library 📚

As it was World Book Day this week, we decided to focus on some of our favourite stories in Nursery! This included ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Our children were able to act out ‘The Three Little Pigs‘ as you can see below.

We invited all of our Parents and Carers to join us for the launch of our 2YO Library. You all got to take your very own reading book home! Please remember to return your book every Thursday so we’re able to swap it for a different one.

Mrs Whiteley, the school Librarian, came to read us ‘The Three Little Pigs’ 🐷 🐷🐷 story. We really enjoyed it. Thank you Mrs Whiteley!



In Nursery we focused on the importance of taking care of our selves and keeping clean. This includes: cleaning our teeth, brushing our hair and washing our faces, to name a few. Some of which you can see our children demonstrating below.

We also made some lovely artwork using apples! Apples are very healthy so ensure you eat lots!

Our Pets…

Last week we focused on the different pets we have at home. Some of us have dogs, some of us have cats, some of us have; rabbits, goldfish, guinea pigs or chickens. At School we have lots of pets!

We began by giving our guinea pigs some food to eat…

We had our very own Veterinary Surgery! Our children particularly enjoyed the role play element of this and it was really nice to see where their imaginations lead them.

Dinosaur Week

We have had a lot of fun this week with our dinosaur theme in the 2 year old nursery. We had our own dinosaur look out den, we made an impressive dinosaur footprint collage using paint and dinosaur toys and made fabulous fossils with our playdough and sand dough.

Our gooey slimy dinosaur swamp proved popular with the children. They squelched and splashed the dinosaurs around the swamp, there was green swamp water everywhere!!!!

The children found frozen dinosaurs that they tried excavating from the frozen ice and had plenty of foamy fun in the ice age tray.

We even made dinosaur sounds with musical instruments. The children banged, tapped and rattled, it was just like being in a jurassic park.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday for an exciting final week of the term.


Our focus for this week in the 2 year old Nursery was on Birds. The children enjoyed making different crafts on birds. They used their imaginations and represented their thoughts and ideas in play. The children enjoyed the process of making a nest. First we utilised the school Garden collecting twigs and leaves to make nest. They also made   a collage with feathers.

                             Making Bird Nest


                            Printing with pretend Bird feet

                              Exploring with eggs and rice 

To further the children interest about birds, we went ahead to make a recreational area with visuals and sounds. They children were very happy and wondered where the sound was coming from. Some children were  enthused about the pictures of birds.They loved it more watching and pointed at bIrds flying in the sky.

                              Recreational Area


Story time with Miss Whiteley was engaging. The children enjoyed listening to stories and joined in with actions and repetition of words.

                               Story Time!


It has been an incredible week exploring nature and birds. We will continue to explore more on nature next week focusing on the wild. We are looking forward to it as it is going to be adventurous.


We welcomed all are new starters last week.
This week we learned lots of fun things about ice and how cold it is!!

We used ice paint on lolly pop sticks to paint with…

We had lots of fun playing in corn flour….

We used glue to stick down big snow clouds.

Exploring Autumn

Children love a good treasure hunt and exploring and learning about nature in Autumn. It is a wonderful season for discovering and a great For the children to connect to their natural environment and recognize the significant changes that can come about from one season to the next. We made a wonderful sensory bin full of pieces we found while on a nature hunt.

Playing and creating with autumn treasures, children can learn all about:

  • variety of Autumn colours
  • variety of leaves (shape and size)
  • grouping elements

Autumn colours

But this week, children enjoyed too role-playing outside. Some became firefighters putting out fires. Others got on the magnificent bus created by Mrs Bah and following Mrs Akoto everyone sang “The wheels on the bus” while Harja took us on a ride!

Have a lovely break everyone! See you on November 4th.

I can…

What children can do is the starting point of a child’s education:

And we all can join in with some words and actions when we sing our favourite songs at the end of the session:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!