Exploring Sand Inside and Out

This week was all about EXPLORING SAND inside our nursery and in our new outdoor sandpit.

By giving children the opportunity to play with sand by themselves and with others, helps them to develop fine motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, pull a truck and build a castle or moat. Sand play can also help children develop social skills like problem solving, sharing, and communicating.

Stencil Sand Pictures

The children spread glue with a brush within the stencil shapes.  They then sprinkled polenta powder (which is similar to sand texture but finer) on the glue and after they shook off the excess polenta to reveal their very own sand pictures.

We mixed flour and baby oil together and the result was a very soft mixture that was great for making castles.  The children filled up small pots with this special mixture and were prompted to turn them over to see what would happen.

Our sand tray is always a popular place to be with the 2 year olds.  They scooped and patted the sand, filled buckets and made lots of sandcastles.


We thought that all the sandcastles we were making this week needed flags.  So the children were encouraged to decorate their own unique flags.

Time to Explore Sand Outside

The children played by themselves and along with others in the outdoor sandpit.  They filled buckets to make sandcastles, they dug holes in the sand, swept the sand off the path with a sweeping brush or with their fingers and played with diggers in the sand too.

Sea Pictures With Blue Sand (Polenta mixed with blue paint)

It’s been all about texture this week so another creative activity was to encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills whilst exploring sand like textures. They used their hands and fingers to hold a brush to spread the glue on the paper, then picked up the sand like mixture by pinching their fingers together and sprinkling it on the gluey paper.

Making a Cardboard Castle

When there is painting to do the children are never far away.  They painted cardboard boxes and tubes yellow and put them to dry ready to make them into a bright yellow castle.  Now, that’s what I call teamwork!!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you come back refreshed and ready to enjoy another fun packed week on Monday.

Mrs Robottom


This week we learned about selfcare.


We washed our babes

We planted our sunflowers outside

We had baby chickens in nursery

We played with our babies

We played in the sunshine

We all did some painting








To extend our planning further on spring, We decided to focus on birds for this week. The children created their own birds with feathers provided. They also enjoyed making nest for the birds as the habitat. The children had the opportunity to explore with different textures including, feathers, hays, birds seeds, glue, shaving foam, etc

New Playground

As a nursery we believe that parents involvement in school plays an important role in their children life. We value parent’s involvement in every aspect of children development in education. We therefore invited the 2-year old parents to our new playground. The children were happy to see their parents at nursery. The children enjoyed showing the parents the different activities set up in the various provisions. The The parents were happily engaged with the children throughout the session. A massive thank you to parents who managed to attend. It was  lovely to see you all.

We look forward to yet another great week  ahead  with lots of learning. Have a lovely weekend.




This is the perfect project for Spring! Looking at minibeasts provides opportunities to learn about how we care for other creatures and for our environment, as well as plenty of counting, minibeasts stories and rhymes, etc.
Coats on and let’s explore!
They used their visual sense and intuition to look for bugs in our school’s mini woodland.

We were lucky enough to find a snail, they collected some grass and we made a special house for Sammy the Snail, he stayed with us the whole session before we release him. 🙂

Minibeasts small world and lots of worms in our messy area.

In creative:

Making spiderwebs. Following a new approach Mrs Akoto left the crafting materials on the table with a big inspirational picture in the middle. Some children by their own initiative used glue sticks and pieces of cotton balls to create.

Decorating our own ladybird. They created and also had the opportunity to make choices of colours. Children worked their counting skills, they were encouraged to count the number of dots.

And Bug tracks on paper. They chose form a variety of minibeasts and dipped them in paint to see what kind of trace do they leave when they “get around” on the paper.

Spin art: making worms out of some brown paint and the magical salad spinner… They developed their hand/arm coordination and had lots of fun watching it spin round and around.

Drawing bugs: with some pictures as an inspiration the children spend a lovely morning producing their own felt tip pieces of art.

In small group time we enjoyed singing “Incy Wincy Spider”and  listening to “The very hungry caterpillar” story.

This week we have been able to verify the progress that our 2YO have made in climbing and gross motor skills since we enjoy our brand new playground. The children love the new outside area and parents will be invited soon to stay and play with them 🙂

And because we have a new garden and Spring is the perfect time for gardening, Mrs Bah and some little helpers worked hard to fill one of our square planters pots with flowers, aromatic plants and vegetables: It looks amazing!

This led to the founding of a lot of real worms that were brought in the room so all the children could observe them, touch them and explore them.

We wish you all a lovely weekend and a nice Bank Holiday. See you all on Tuesday!


Spring | Growing

This week in Nursery we have done lots of exciting new things. Our children have helped Mrs Bah plant runner beans and water cress. When these have had lots of sun and water and begin to sprout our children are going to taste them during carpet time.

We have stuck tissue paper and tooth picks on to card to create our very own flowers, these will be on display in Nursery for our parents, carers and children to take a look at.

We filled our water trough with soil so our children could dig and bury the remaining seeds and beans for us to find. Our other trough was filled with sunflower seeds, we poured, scooped, lifted and dropped these from one container to the another. We have had lots of messy, fun play.

We also celebrated Leah’s Birthday on Thursday, so Happy Birthday Leah, have fun celebrating over the weekend. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake!


Our first week back this term has been very busy with lots of Easter activities. The children used their creative skills and fine motor skills to decorate plastic eggs with felt tips.  It was a little bit tricky keeping the eggs still but we used egg boxes and playdough to keep them from moving around while the children made their masterpieces.

There were number puzzles to solve in the shape of eggs.

The children helped make delicious chocolate nests by mixing the chocolate and cereal together.

Egg collages were fun to make.  The children used different materials, colours and shapes to make their window decorations.  All the children showed wonderful concentration and listening during this activity.

The day finally came when our brand new outdoor play area was ready for us to explore.  As you can see by the photos below, we are very lucky indeed!!!!

Painting egg boxes was another of our creative activities. The children engaged in the activity with adult supervision and made some very colourful creations.

On Thursday morning the children went on an egg hunt outside. They found eggs in the tunnel, around the water play area, hiding among the plants and also in the messy kitchen area.  It was great fun!!!

Messy play was very messy with shaving foam. The children enjoyed the feel of the foam and they found it funny the way it stuck to their hands.

Story time in our new reading corner was very comfortable this week.  A big thank you to Mrs Akoto, we now have some very soft and cosy cushions to sit or lay on while reading all the wonderful books we have.

What an amazing week we have had, new friends have joined the nursery, we have had enormous fun in our new outdoor play area, lots of Easter activities and a new reading corner.  We are very thankful!

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday 23rd April.





Mothers Day and my family 

Happy Mothersday to all our mummies and grandmas 💕

Our children decorated pots for the flowers they gave to their mums/grandmas, they looked Amazing ….


we made Mothersday cards….

we recycled our fire station!

And made it into a house to play in….

Home Sweet Home…..

All the children had lots of fun playing in the house.

💕We Learn to Love & Love to Learn (& play)💕

The children that are starting after Easter came to visit us…..

We we played outside in the lovely sunshine this week….

cream came out for a stroke….





Children play, make believe by pretending because it is fun and also a vital components of normal child development. For this reason, our focus was on playing occupational roles with the 2 year old this week. We have enhanced the different learning provisions with various activities as part of our planning.The activities included painting fire station using a box, matching games, dressing up, building hospital using duplo bricks , making a collage of fire etc.

Imaginative play

The children represented their experience in different play ideas by acting out professions. Some enjoyed pretending to be doctors, fire fighters, vet, singers, builders etc. Imaginative play promotes children physical development for example fitting dolls arms through  the sleeves of her jacket are great for hand – eye coordination as is learning to move and control hands in different ways. Our 2 year old had great time this week.


Fire Station

The children enjoyed painting a big box as the fire station. They enjoyed taking turns through encouragement and also had the opportunity to talk to other children and building up language and socials skills.


Miss Gippini supported the children to make a collage of fire. The children enjoyed doing this activity for a prolonged period of time, spreading and sticking. with paper and glue.

The 2 year old were supported to play matching games. They were encouraged to match the correct profession using pictures cards. The children became happy after accomplishing the task. Well done !

Our 2 year old, enjoyed exploring with shaving form. some of the children pretended to bath with the form and others loved to rubbing in between fingers. They did actively engaged with this activity for a long period of time.

Messy Play


It has been a fantastic week with the 2 year old. We look forward to another busy week. Enjoy your weekend.



FIVE SENSES (Science Week)

SMELL: What did it smell like?
As children are exposed to different smells, they learn more about our environment. They will be able to distinguish between good and bad smells, comfortable and uncomfortable smells.

TOUCH : How did it feel?
Most touch activities involved the hands. Engaging their hands builds their fine motor skills, helping them learn how to do more for themselves, such as drawing and buttoning their coats.We focused on expanding their vocabulary helping them to describe what their were feeling.

SOUND: What noises did you hear?
Indoors and outdoors, there are many opportunities for children to engage their listening skills. We played an sound bingo.

TASTE: Did you like the taste?
Many events in a child’s life involve food. Sense of taste activities teach children that the sense of taste and smell are connected. We offered them 7 different foods to taste and their showed their likes and dislikes mainly with their facial expressions!

SIGHT: What is it you saw?
Sense of sight activities helps children learn about their eyes as they explore the world around them. We went for a walk to play “I spy” and in our room they experienced how the world looks like through coloured glasses.

In creative this week they explored their touch creating some textured collages, they talked about the flowers’ smell colouring a pot and adding flowers to it and at the end of the week they worked about face parts recognition and the sense linked to them.

We also have enjoyed exploring the new cars we received this week. It was fun to play with them in the different circuits created with some black paper and chalk…

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week with some more fun activities and a lot of role-playing 😉

Bye, bye!