2nd June 2020

Yesterday I received these these beautiful photos from Logan’s Mum. Logan, Summer, Mum and Dad went for a walk in Roundhay park over the half term. They took a picnic filled with lots of tasty food. Mum said Logan really enjoyed eating all of his favourite snacks in the sunshine and seeing the ducks, swans and geese in the lake.

Summer picnics are so much fun! Why don’t you pack up your favourite foods and head outside this week? Perhaps you could meet up with someone? as long as it’s in a park or an outdoor space, and both parties maintain a distance from each other of at least two metres.

And remember as always to send your photos or videos to: charlotte.whitaker@allertonceprimary.com.
Thank you! Continue to stay safe.

2 thoughts on “2nd June 2020

  1. I love going to Roundhay Park Logan! Your pictures are wonderful and it really does look like you enjoyed your picnic.

  2. Wow Logan your trip to Roundhay park looks amazing and what a lovely day for a picnic. Did you count the ducks and notice all the different colours they have? Did you see any other animals their? I hope you and your sister had lots of fun at the park. ….. Stay Safe…from Mrs Bah

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