Festival of light ( Diwali)

As a school we endeavour to celebrate the cultures of all our people. This makes our people feel included and being part of the community as a whole.

In 2y0 nursery, we commenced the week celebrating the festival of light as our focus for the week. On our creative table, we made sand dough Rangoli light to which the children enjoyed decorating. We also made lanterns to decorate with different coloured glitter.

Happy Diwali !

The children explored in coloured sand, They enjoyed scooping,feeling ,moulding and filling into pots and pans.

We have extended the children’s learning by looking at things that we can see at night. We looked at stars, moon and pretended to explore the dark by turning the lights in our room.. The children also enjoyed making marks and created lovely patterns with chalk. The pictures below is a representation of their thought and imaginations in play.

We have had a fantastic two weeks exploring about light and dark . We look forward to yet another great week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend!

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