The 5 Senses

Symphony of the Five Senses | Language Kids World

The last three weeks in 2 year old nursery have been all about THE 5 SENSES.


We went outside to smell the different herbs in our outdoor area.

Bath bombs were placed in the water tray which added a lovely sweet smell to the area as well as lots of bubbles. The sensory area had lots of interesting objects dangling from above, what did the children smell on the sponges, I wonder?


The children enjoyed the feel of shaving foam and the dolls were spotless after such a foamy experience. There was lots of playdough fun too, the children squished it, rolled it, pulled it apart and pressed it flat.

What else did the children do that involved touch?


During snack time we taste lots of different yummy healthy snacks, such as crackers and cheese, toast, breadsticks and a yogurt and cucumber dip. Not forgetting, lots of different fruit such as apples, bananas and pears.

We also had a tasting activity to try some new things. We saw some funny faces and reactions when some of the children tried lemon.


The children use their sight for everything that they do here in nursery. They love watching the chickens and LOOK at the eggs they laid! What else can you see below?


The children made shakers with plastic bottles and coloured rice. We used them during our singing sessions, they made a lovely sound. We also got out our box full of musical instruments to hear what other sounds we could make.


Enjoy seeing how the children created these amazing cards for Mothers day!!

We look forward to seeing you all next week, when we will be doing lots of spring planting and watching how the plants grow over the next few weeks. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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