Transport – 7th-11th June 2021

Painting a large box red, started off our transport week. The children were given rollers, paint brushes and red paint. As you can see, they did an amazing job painting the BIG RED BUS.

The children enjoyed sitting in the big red bus and singing, The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. There was lots more fun with boxes……. hiding, laying down for some quiet time and playing with friends.

The children enjoyed the bikes, trikes and relaxing in the wheelbarrow (why not?). They had lots of fun following one another round and round the track, being careful not to go too fast or too slow. Looking left and looking right as well as straight ahead. Beep Beep!!

Making wheel tracks on paper was a popular activity The children made lots of colourful tracks using paint, toy cars and trucks. Great work everyone! Mrs Bah drew a road on a roll of paper and stuck it to our creative table which the children enjoyed, they waited their turn and shared the toy cars with their friends.

We were very lucky this week, as we were given some new toys to play with, trucks, cars and planes! They came with tools so we opened up our very own garage to fix all the transport we were given. The children hammered, they used screw drivers to tighten up screws and even used an electric drill. Some amazing engineers in the making!!

Story time in our Nursery Train was exciting, we read a book all about Things That Go, planes, trains, cars, lorries and bikes. Great listening everyone!

We had a busy week learning all about transport but there was still plenty of time to explore our wonderful outdoor space and to finally enjoy the lovely weather we have all been waiting for.

1 thought on “Transport – 7th-11th June 2021

  1. Hey Nursery !

    Wow, it looks like you had so much fun, especially making your big red bus, I wonder how many trips you plan on going in that !

    I love how you enjoyed the sunshine (finally) riding on your bikes and relaxing in the wheel barrows, I might have to try that one myself !

    Finally, what a great idea having story time in your Nursery train you all look so relaxed after such an amazing week.

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