🧬🔬Science Week🧮🧫🌡Growing

We all learnt lots of new things in two year old Nursery, growing was our science week topic (2 weeks) The first week we learned about our growing bodies.👫

We all measured each other with string and stuck them on the wall, who was the tallest ?

We drew around one of the children to make a silhouette of our bodies:

Where is the head? Where are the shoulders?

Where are the arms ? or legs? or feet ? ……

Painting with rulers 📏

Week 2 : Growing Plants🌱

We all went outside to prepare the raised beds for when our seeds are ready for planting.

Great digging 2year olds 🤩

We planted sun flower 🌻seeds and beans🪴

We all planted sweetcorn seeds….

🌸💐Happy Mothers Day😻- 27th March 2022

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