Transport – 7th-11th June 2021

Painting a large box red, started off our transport week. The children were given rollers, paint brushes and red paint. As you can see, they did an amazing job painting the BIG RED BUS.

The children enjoyed sitting in the big red bus and singing, The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. There was lots more fun with boxes……. hiding, laying down for some quiet time and playing with friends.

The children enjoyed the bikes, trikes and relaxing in the wheelbarrow (why not?). They had lots of fun following one another round and round the track, being careful not to go too fast or too slow. Looking left and looking right as well as straight ahead. Beep Beep!!

Making wheel tracks on paper was a popular activity The children made lots of colourful tracks using paint, toy cars and trucks. Great work everyone! Mrs Bah drew a road on a roll of paper and stuck it to our creative table which the children enjoyed, they waited their turn and shared the toy cars with their friends.

We were very lucky this week, as we were given some new toys to play with, trucks, cars and planes! They came with tools so we opened up our very own garage to fix all the transport we were given. The children hammered, they used screw drivers to tighten up screws and even used an electric drill. Some amazing engineers in the making!!

Story time in our Nursery Train was exciting, we read a book all about Things That Go, planes, trains, cars, lorries and bikes. Great listening everyone!

We had a busy week learning all about transport but there was still plenty of time to explore our wonderful outdoor space and to finally enjoy the lovely weather we have all been waiting for.

πŸžπŸ›πŸπŸ•·Mini beasts πŸ¦‹πŸœπŸͺ±πŸͺ°

Wow ! How exciting we got to go and look for insects 🐞 in the school grounds…

We made our very own worm 🐍pit…..

Can you catch them with the tweezers or the cup scissors βœ‚οΈ ?

Some of the insects can move really fast and they are quite scary…..

we all made a lady bird….

We made insect sand pictures by using gluing over stencils then putting the sand on the glue

What Amazing pictures children……..


Exploring dinosaurs…

we started the week trying to break the dinosaur πŸ¦• free from the ice….

Sensory…….feeling how cold and heavy the ice is and understanding how the ice turns to water πŸ’§ when it melts…

We used the dinosaurs πŸ¦• foot print to make some amazing 🀩 pictures…..

the children πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ really loved just playing with the dinosaurs πŸ¦– and making big roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrring sounds…..

we had an amazing dinosaur story book……

Animals 🐷 πŸ„ 🐢 🐈 🐘 🦁

week 1 we took a look at farm animals….

We painted paper plates then made them into animal masks…

We all went outside to collect sticks so we could hold our masks 🎭

We all played with our masks on, making animals sounds! Can you guess who is who??

We all went to feed and clean the school pets too….

Week 2 & 3 we looked at pets and then wild animals. We read some animal books and played in the animal den !….

Spring Growing

Planting is a great way of introducing children of all ages to the pleasure of growing different types of food. Greens usually sprout out in a few days and the excitement of seeing the greens poking out of the soil is an amazing experience for children.
This form of activity create daily chore for the children as they feel responsible to water and care for the plant on a regular basis.

In the 2YO Nursery, planting has been our focused point of learning for the past 2 weeks .The children have loved every second of it , planting bean seeds, watering and the excitement of seeing their bean sprout of the soil.

Here, are some pictures of the children planting bean and sunflower seeds in their little pots.

Flower Stamp Printing

Some of our 2YO children showing a can – do attitude outdoors.

It has been great welcoming most of the children back at Nursery. We have loved learning and exploring together for the past week.

We hope you have a lovely and restful Easter break.

The 5 Senses

Symphony of the Five Senses | Language Kids World

The last three weeks in 2 year old nursery have been all about THE 5 SENSES.


We went outside to smell the different herbs in our outdoor area.

Bath bombs were placed in the water tray which added a lovely sweet smell to the area as well as lots of bubbles. The sensory area had lots of interesting objects dangling from above, what did the children smell on the sponges, I wonder?


The children enjoyed the feel of shaving foam and the dolls were spotless after such a foamy experience. There was lots of playdough fun too, the children squished it, rolled it, pulled it apart and pressed it flat.

What else did the children do that involved touch?


During snack time we taste lots of different yummy healthy snacks, such as crackers and cheese, toast, breadsticks and a yogurt and cucumber dip. Not forgetting, lots of different fruit such as apples, bananas and pears.

We also had a tasting activity to try some new things. We saw some funny faces and reactions when some of the children tried lemon.


The children use their sight for everything that they do here in nursery. They love watching the chickens and LOOK at the eggs they laid! What else can you see below?


The children made shakers with plastic bottles and coloured rice. We used them during our singing sessions, they made a lovely sound. We also got out our box full of musical instruments to hear what other sounds we could make.


Enjoy seeing how the children created these amazing cards for Mothers day!!