Welcome To Spring Term 1

It has been lovely welcoming all our new starters . They have all been great settling into Nursery and made a good start to the term.

We began the spring term focusing on Snow and Ice . We were lucky to have lots of snow to play with . The children had fun exploring in the snow, playing with snowballs , making foot prints and made a gigantic snowman with the help of Mrs Bah.

To further the interest of the children, we have been finding out about animals that live in the cold weather.

Animals that live in cold weather

We enhanced the water tray with animals that can survive in the cold. These included penguins, bears, seals and snow wolves.

It has been a fantastic three weeks exploring the world around us and we can’t wait for yet another great week ahead which we will be focusing on birds.

Festival of light ( Diwali)

As a school we endeavour to celebrate the cultures of all our people. This makes our people feel included and being part of the community as a whole.

In 2y0 nursery, we commenced the week celebrating the festival of light as our focus for the week. On our creative table, we made sand dough Rangoli light to which the children enjoyed decorating. We also made lanterns to decorate with different coloured glitter.

Happy Diwali !

The children explored in coloured sand, They enjoyed scooping,feeling ,moulding and filling into pots and pans.

We have extended the children’s learning by looking at things that we can see at night. We looked at stars, moon and pretended to explore the dark by turning the lights in our room.. The children also enjoyed making marks and created lovely patterns with chalk. The pictures below is a representation of their thought and imaginations in play.

We have had a fantastic two weeks exploring about light and dark . We look forward to yet another great week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend!

🍂 Autumn 🍂

Autumn colours

We all went on an amazing walk through the woods in the school playground to hunt for 🍁 that had fallen on the floor…

We looked at all the different Autumn colours the leaves turn into….

Some of the leaves we collected had amazing colours

We did some leaf rubbing….

Turn a crayon on to its side, put a leaf under your paper and rub your crayon over the paper….

And the children made Autumn pictures by rolling marbles in paint 🎨….

We all played outside in the Autumn 🍂 fresh air..

Colours around us…

we have all had fun the past few weeks learning about all the different lovely colours all around us…

Every week we have done lots of activities using different colours.

we started with RED week….

we had red rice to play with and red water….

We did lots of different mark making techniques in RED, blue and yellow…..

Blue week

Yellow week

Finally to finish our colour theme we learn about All the beautiful colours together-rainbows 🌈

Welcome Back!

We have had a great start to the new school year in the 2 Year Old Nursery. It’s been lovely meeting all the new parents and children, as well as welcoming back two of our children from last year. We missed you a lot!

All the children have now settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the nursery inside and outside.

This week we have introduced the 2 year olds to the colour red by providing them with a variety of activities. We had red rice, which they enjoyed scooping up and sprinkling, we had red bubbly water in the water tray, which was very popular and the children produced a wonderful artwork using red paint and printing stamps. Here are a few photos from this week for you all to enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

The 2 Year Old Nursery Team