🧬🔬Science Week🧮🧫🌡Growing

We all learnt lots of new things in two year old Nursery, growing was our science week topic (2 weeks) The first week we learned about our growing bodies.👫

We all measured each other with string and stuck them on the wall, who was the tallest ?

We drew around one of the children to make a silhouette of our bodies:

Where is the head? Where are the shoulders?

Where are the arms ? or legs? or feet ? ……

Painting with rulers 📏

Week 2 : Growing Plants🌱

We all went outside to prepare the raised beds for when our seeds are ready for planting.

Great digging 2year olds 🤩

We planted sun flower 🌻seeds and beans🪴

We all planted sweetcorn seeds….

🌸💐Happy Mothers Day😻- 27th March 2022

📚📘world book day📖📕

The three little pigs 🐖🐖🐖

Whet a fantastic world book week we had listening to our favourite stories.

we all picked up the books and looked at the pictures…..

Reading books aloud to your child stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the big new world around them. It also helps them develop fundamental speaking and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written world.

Having fun reading….

We had great fun reading our very own books that we had chosen ourselves

We all had fun making pig masks….

can you guess who the little pigs are ??

🐣🦜Birds 🦅 🕊🦩

We had a fabulous two weeks learning all about birds.

We all went out side and did some bird watching

We all used the soft feathers to creat our bird pictures. we used our motor skills to do lots of drawing and colouring too…..

We listered to some beautiful bird songs while we worked.

Chinese New Year

We have had a great week celebrating Chinese new year as part of our planning. The children have enjoyed learning about other peoples culture through play.

We started off by introducing the children to and sharing stories about Chinese new year. We visited the School Library too where, we read stories about the dancing Dragon. The children enjoyed looking at the pictures in the book.

We also had an investigation table covered with red cloth where the children could discover items such as books etc. The children chose a book of their choice from our Story Box to take home.

Exploring Books

We also provided the children with some brightly coloured fabric and encourage them to use this to create a dancing dragon. They practiced some dance movement adhering to simple instructions such as ‘sit down’ or ‘jump up’ ,”hop hop”

Fine Motor Skill Activity

We went on further to cook spaghetti and provided scissors for the children to cut and to develop their fine motor skills.,
During this activity, we noticed different forms of learning approach such as looking , turning, holding, feeling squeezing etc We also realised that, some children found it a bit tricky but others got the grasp of using the scissors.
We will however make this, an area to develop or target with the children who found it tricky by providing similar activities with Scissors Eg cutting paper,

Why don’t you try this activities with your little ones at home?. Its a great way of developing their fine motor skills.

On our messy area or tactile was red water, red rice, red play dough which we made with the children. They enjoyed mixing the dough and pouring food colouring with the supervision of an adult. We also provided props including buttons rollers to for them to make a dragon.

The year of Tiger

Finally, the children made a lovely painting of a Tiger. Take a look at some the pictures below.

Over all, it has been an exciting week learning about our diverse community ( Chinese new year) through play. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Snow and Ice

17th January 2022 – 28th January 2022

We had lots of fun with snow and ice for two whole weeks! We played with small world arctic animals (and yellow ducks) in blue frothy water and white foam, we painted a very large box all together using icy colours, we also touched and tried to break ice balls which made us all shiver and shake.

We made up our very own snowflake song to dance and twirl around to, while holding brightly coloured scarfs. “Snowflake snowflake turn around, snowflake snowflake touch the ground, snowflake snowflake reach up high”.

To keep warm during our outdoor playtime we enjoyed singing and jumping up and down to the five little monkey song. The children all enjoyed jumping off the green benches and climbing back on ready to jump back off again. It was great fun!

The children also did mark making using different shades of blue felt tips and used chalk on our outdoor mark making board.

Here are some lovely snowy pictures from the first week of January when the children enjoyed playing out in the snow.


We were all very excited in the 2 year Old Nursery for Christmas 🎄

First we all helped decorate the Christmas tree 🎄

Then we all did some yummy baking, jam and mince tarts….

We invited our parents to visit us all in the 2 year old Nursery. We did lots of activities….

We sang lots of Christmas songs……

Then we ate our party food…..

Colourful world

What a colourful world we have!
This week in 2YO Nursery, we have been exploring colours around us. We found lots of items that are yellow, red etc. We will continue to explore further as the children enjoyed taking part.

We also included activities such as painting using rollers, stamps and brushes. The children used their imagination to create spectacular patterns.

Please find photos of the children exploring colours in different ways.

The children enjoyed printing with peppers and rollers. The water area was also the favourite of many.

New Sofas.

The children have love the new sofa in the book area.

It has been an exciting week with incredible learning through play. We hope you all have a great weekend. See you all soon.


We had an exciting start to our autumn topic last week with a nature walk around our wonderful school grounds. While on our walk the children were asked to collect any fallen leaves they found and to put them in their buckets. We also enjoyed a story read by Mrs Bah all about the wind.