Ways to go

This week we have been learning more about the vehicles, and especially aeroplanes, helicopters and hot air ball balloons! We were planning to make our own handmade hot air balloons but the snow days postponed our plans for next week.The children enjoyed the snow anyway!


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs! An all time favorite topic for this week, as we start to learn about the animals. We talked about dinosaurs, we made fossils using play dough and then we baked it and we made some dinosaur hats out of paper. Using cereal boxes, we made some dinosaur feet and enjoyed using them for dinosaurs’ feet prints. The most excited days of the week were when we had iced dinosaur eggs and we tried to melt the ice by spraying warm water and using spoons to crack the eggs. On Friday, we explored how soda and vinegar can create a “volcano” and we spent the day on role play with our little dinosaurs and the volcano.

The last days we have been learning all about the community around us and the people who help us. We talked about firefighters and how they help us put out fires. We made our own paper-flames, painted fires and pretended to be firefighters. Moreover, we learned about the objects we have at home and they are hot and not safe to touch like the oven and the pan. Leah and JJ celebrated their 3rd birthday with their friends, happy birthday to you!