2yo sports day

We had lots of fun this week practising for sports day , we also had a stay and play and met some new friends. We also did a lot of mark making using felt tips and bubble paint . In the water area we washed the babies in soapy water and also filled up bottles with coloured water and then emptied them back out .

The Parents race

Happy Birthday Fatima who turned Three this week 🎂🎉

Sports Week

Our focus for this week with the 2 year old is on sports. The children were actively involved in preparation for their sports day. They practised with various physical activities including, throwing balls, balancing, jumping and many more. they all were enthusiastic to join in and played cooperatively. Some children manage to overcome their fears by giving it go using try and errors which they became successful at the end celebrated their accomplishment.

Practising for sports day

Exploring with paint

The children continued enjoy exploring with marbles and paint. They made beautiful patterns using different coloured paint of their choice.


It has been an incredible week preparing for our sport day and we look forward to  seeing  you all next week. Have a great weekend.


Balloons !!!!

It’s surprising how much you can do with a balloon! We explored activities ranging from sports, painting and messy-play to the science of blowing up a balloon.

Exploring balloons

We filled some balloons with water and put them in the freezer to make ‘ice balloons’. Once the water was frozen, we cut the rubber off. We let the ice develop a layer of melt-water over the surface and encourage the children to explore the ice balloons.They could compare a water balloon and an ice balloon.

Painting with Balloon

This is a great activity for kids to explore creatively and imaginatively as they create freely using simple props in an open-ended way. It also makes a great sensory activity as children use their hands to manipulate the paint and balloons to create patterns and prints onto paper.

Papier-Mâché Balloons

They covered the balloon all over with papier-mâché, when all your layers are dry we’ll burst the balloon and you’re left with a terrific balloon shape to decorate our display. It might be messy, but they had a lovely time!

Balloon Tennis

Balloon tennis is a fun indoor exercise game designed to help kids practice hand-eye coordination. This is a simple yet fun activity that  brought out the tennis star in our two years old!

Balloon Basketball

A fun game of basketball but using a balloon as the basketball and a hula hoop as a basketball hoop.


Our Flower Bed

It is stimulating our two years old senses: it is a visual explosion of colours tones and shades; feeling the texture of the soil or the plant leaves is also interesting, as is the smell of the fresh garden and its plants. Mrs Bah is taking care of our flower bed and children come around to help her very often.

Flynn’s Birthday!

Tomorrow Flynn will turn 3 but he was happy to celebrate with us today. His mummy brought a delicious cake and we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. We all wish you a lovely birthday Flynn!

Special costume : Arvin was exited to show all the children and teachers his Turkish outfit. It was a gift from a friend and he was determined to wear it at least for the beginning of the session 🙂

And we just finished our week having fun popping some bubbles!




Exploring Sand Inside and Out

This week was all about EXPLORING SAND inside our nursery and in our new outdoor sandpit.

By giving children the opportunity to play with sand by themselves and with others, helps them to develop fine motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, pull a truck and build a castle or moat. Sand play can also help children develop social skills like problem solving, sharing, and communicating.

Stencil Sand Pictures

The children spread glue with a brush within the stencil shapes.  They then sprinkled polenta powder (which is similar to sand texture but finer) on the glue and after they shook off the excess polenta to reveal their very own sand pictures.

We mixed flour and baby oil together and the result was a very soft mixture that was great for making castles.  The children filled up small pots with this special mixture and were prompted to turn them over to see what would happen.

Our sand tray is always a popular place to be with the 2 year olds.  They scooped and patted the sand, filled buckets and made lots of sandcastles.


We thought that all the sandcastles we were making this week needed flags.  So the children were encouraged to decorate their own unique flags.

Time to Explore Sand Outside

The children played by themselves and along with others in the outdoor sandpit.  They filled buckets to make sandcastles, they dug holes in the sand, swept the sand off the path with a sweeping brush or with their fingers and played with diggers in the sand too.

Sea Pictures With Blue Sand (Polenta mixed with blue paint)

It’s been all about texture this week so another creative activity was to encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills whilst exploring sand like textures. They used their hands and fingers to hold a brush to spread the glue on the paper, then picked up the sand like mixture by pinching their fingers together and sprinkling it on the gluey paper.

Making a Cardboard Castle

When there is painting to do the children are never far away.  They painted cardboard boxes and tubes yellow and put them to dry ready to make them into a bright yellow castle.  Now, that’s what I call teamwork!!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you come back refreshed and ready to enjoy another fun packed week on Monday.

Mrs Robottom


This week we learned about selfcare.


We washed our babes

We planted our sunflowers outside

We had baby chickens in nursery

We played with our babies

We played in the sunshine

We all did some painting







The Department for Education (DfE) is launching a campaign to promote and raise awareness of the benefits that using 30 hours childcare can have for working families. We were delighted to be asked to help make a promotional film at our Nursery.

Claire from Leeds shares her story of how #30hours childcare helped give her back her “independence”

Hear more from Claire and other families who have benefited from 30 hours here

Want to find out if you’re eligible and apply for Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare? Watch this video for step- by-step guidance on what you need to apply 👉www.childcarechoices.gov.uk #ChildcareChoices @educationgovuk



To extend our planning further on spring, We decided to focus on birds for this week. The children created their own birds with feathers provided. They also enjoyed making nest for the birds as the habitat. The children had the opportunity to explore with different textures including, feathers, hays, birds seeds, glue, shaving foam, etc

New Playground

As a nursery we believe that parents involvement in school plays an important role in their children life. We value parent’s involvement in every aspect of children development in education. We therefore invited the 2-year old parents to our new playground. The children were happy to see their parents at nursery. The children enjoyed showing the parents the different activities set up in the various provisions. The The parents were happily engaged with the children throughout the session. A massive thank you to parents who managed to attend. It was  lovely to see you all.

We look forward to yet another great week  ahead  with lots of learning. Have a lovely weekend.




This is the perfect project for Spring! Looking at minibeasts provides opportunities to learn about how we care for other creatures and for our environment, as well as plenty of counting, minibeasts stories and rhymes, etc.
Coats on and let’s explore!
They used their visual sense and intuition to look for bugs in our school’s mini woodland.

We were lucky enough to find a snail, they collected some grass and we made a special house for Sammy the Snail, he stayed with us the whole session before we release him. 🙂

Minibeasts small world and lots of worms in our messy area.

In creative:

Making spiderwebs. Following a new approach Mrs Akoto left the crafting materials on the table with a big inspirational picture in the middle. Some children by their own initiative used glue sticks and pieces of cotton balls to create.

Decorating our own ladybird. They created and also had the opportunity to make choices of colours. Children worked their counting skills, they were encouraged to count the number of dots.

And Bug tracks on paper. They chose form a variety of minibeasts and dipped them in paint to see what kind of trace do they leave when they “get around” on the paper.

Spin art: making worms out of some brown paint and the magical salad spinner… They developed their hand/arm coordination and had lots of fun watching it spin round and around.

Drawing bugs: with some pictures as an inspiration the children spend a lovely morning producing their own felt tip pieces of art.

In small group time we enjoyed singing “Incy Wincy Spider”and  listening to “The very hungry caterpillar” story.

This week we have been able to verify the progress that our 2YO have made in climbing and gross motor skills since we enjoy our brand new playground. The children love the new outside area and parents will be invited soon to stay and play with them 🙂

And because we have a new garden and Spring is the perfect time for gardening, Mrs Bah and some little helpers worked hard to fill one of our square planters pots with flowers, aromatic plants and vegetables: It looks amazing!

This led to the founding of a lot of real worms that were brought in the room so all the children could observe them, touch them and explore them.

We wish you all a lovely weekend and a nice Bank Holiday. See you all on Tuesday!


Spring | Growing

This week in Nursery we have done lots of exciting new things. Our children have helped Mrs Bah plant runner beans and water cress. When these have had lots of sun and water and begin to sprout our children are going to taste them during carpet time.

We have stuck tissue paper and tooth picks on to card to create our very own flowers, these will be on display in Nursery for our parents, carers and children to take a look at.

We filled our water trough with soil so our children could dig and bury the remaining seeds and beans for us to find. Our other trough was filled with sunflower seeds, we poured, scooped, lifted and dropped these from one container to the another. We have had lots of messy, fun play.

We also celebrated Leah’s Birthday on Thursday, so Happy Birthday Leah, have fun celebrating over the weekend. Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake!