Exploring Autumn

Children love a good treasure hunt and exploring and learning about nature in Autumn. It is a wonderful season for discovering and a great For the children to connect to their natural environment and recognize the significant changes that can come about from one season to the next. We made a wonderful sensory bin full of pieces we found while on a nature hunt.

Playing and creating with autumn treasures, children can learn all about:

  • variety of Autumn colours
  • variety of leaves (shape and size)
  • grouping elements

Autumn colours

But this week, children enjoyed too role-playing outside. Some became firefighters putting out fires. Others got on the magnificent bus created by Mrs Bah and following Mrs Akoto everyone sang “The wheels on the bus” while Harja took us on a ride!

Have a lovely break everyone! See you on November 4th.

I can…

What children can do is the starting point of a child’s education:

And we all can join in with some words and actions when we sing our favourite songs at the end of the session:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Back to Nursery and “Settling in”

Once upon a time there were 11 little children called Adam, Ama, Arro, Evan,Fateh, Isla,Kye, Logan, Millie, Neela and Nivan. They began going to visit a special place called Allerton CE 2 YO Nursery. Everyday their mummy, daddy o carer would drop them off to play with some friends and come back later to collect them.This is their first week in some pictures:

  In this Nursery, there other 10 children who loved role-playing, creating, building, singing and playing inside and outdoors.

Together with their teachers, this 21 children will live many exciting adventures in the weeks and months to come. Keep tuned!

To be continued…