We started our BUILDING topic on Monday 11th February and our first creative activity of the week with Miss Whitaker, was painting with lego bricks.  The children enjoyed dipping the lego into the paint and making lots of colourful marks on the paper. This activity was also repeated on Friday.

In the sensory tray we had hay, sticks, bricks and three little toy pigs as The Three Little Pigs was our story of the week.

You might think that dot to dot pictures would be a challenge for our 2 year old children, but not for our AMAZING 2 year olds.  Mrs Bah supervised this activity and was pleasantly surprised by the children’s fine motor skills and ability to join the dots.

Mrs Bah had a very busy day on Monday as she also played a colour matching game with some of the children using coloured paper, tweezers and small colourful objects.  The children were very impressive with their matching skills and determination to master using the tweezers.

Outdoor play this week has been wonderful and different, not only was the weather lovely and sunny but we got to play on the School’s Multi Use Games Area (The MUGA).  The children enjoyed running around, playing with balls, watching the diggers, crane, cement mixer and builders.


Our next creative activity was sticking twigs and hay onto paper to make stick and hay houses just like the three little pigs in our story of the week.  In the sensory tray on Tuesday we had polenta, dumper trunks and diggers.  The children really liked the soft powdery texture of the yellow polenta and enjoyed digging and filling the dumper trunks with the polenta.

STORY TIME – Mrs Gipini read The Three Little Pigs to the children using Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye), which is a form of storytelling originating from Japan. Thursday is also library time for us in the 2 year old nursery with Mrs Whiteley, and you’ll never guess what the story was.  Yes, The Three Little Pigs!! The children showed wonderful listening skills during both these activities, they enjoyed seeing the pictures change as the story continued with Mrs Gipini and four of the children volunteered to wear character masks during library time.

Mrs Akoto helped the children make a straw house with paper and colourful long straws.  This activity was good for developing fine motor skills and the children showed great listening and concentration skills too.

Our 2 year old children just love to build and here are just a few of them building some fantastic structures with wooden blocks independently!!

We borrowed the mini bricks from our 3 year old friends next door and had great fun trying to blow down the towers we built, just like the big bad wolf.

Stay and Play – Mark Making – Thank you to all the parents that came to our stay and play on Thursday morning, it was great seeing you all interacting and mark making with your children. Writing should be seen as an enjoyable fun experience and developing a child’s mark making skills in the early years will allow them to learn to control a pencil in such a way that it becomes automatic.


Have a fun and relaxing half term holiday and we will see you all back on Monday 25th February where our topic will be 1,2,3.





Our focus for this week is on bubbles as the children have shown interest exploring with bubbles in the garden. We have extended the children’s interest further by enhancing the creative table with bubble wrap covering table and paper plates to print. The children enthusiastically joined in to play without any hesitation. They enjoyed printing and they were amazed about the print effect on their paper plate. Some children were proud about their achievements as they have a go and showed pictures to us at the end.  The children were also provided bubble mixed with paint to explore. The children  were enthusiastic and showed ” A can do attitude” to blow the bubble unto the paper provided.


Bubble Wrap Exploration



This adventurous  activity did not end here, we went on further to explore with bubble painting with feet on the floor to which some children loved. Some children were very happy to explore, others loved to watch what their friends were doing.We had children who were extremely happy about the poppy sound of the bubbles and repeated sound as its pops.

The children experimented with crepe paper painting. They made lovely paintings with using  different coloured crepe paper. we also enhanced the water area with different coloured crepe to which the children spent long period of time filling, pouring and emptying bottles.

Crepe paper Painting


Printing with Tea bag

Finally the children enjoyed printing with tea bags. The made fantastic pictures out of the tea bags. The children attempted and used different approaches of learning including,sliding, stamping, squeezing, rubbing etc.



Independent Play Ideas

well done kids for such a fantastic play ideas. We are looking forward to the weeks ahead.

More Farm Animals

This week we decided to extended the Farm Animals theme by introducing our feathery friends to the children: chickens, chicks, ducks and ducklings.
To introduce the subject we stimulated our children’s curiosity mainly through the senses.


One day we set up a table with feathers and some duck and chicks toys. We encouraged the children to touch and feel the feathers. We talked about real life animals and most importantly: we let the feathers fly throwing them or blowing them!


Last Wednesday we gather several pictures illustrating different sheep and lambs. We looked at the pictures and helped children notice how they have a special wool. We encouraged children to touch the fake lambswool (cotton wool) to help them understand. Some of them decided to go further in the experience and created their own lamb using paper, cotton wool, glue and paper eyes.

We had farm animal puzzles on our tables; we played association games which encourage children to match baby animals and their mothers (chick/hen;…).


They had also had some threading, play dough,  and farm problem-solve puzzles for their to explore. But the messy “gloop” was the more interesting by far: sticky, fun to mix with food colouring to create new colours and the wooden spoons were perfect to help them make same marks and patterns.

Because we love singing, we had time every day to sing with the children 5 little ducks, Baa Baa Black Sheep and The Bumping tractor. Playing in our small world animal farm we could ask children to think about what animals need or eat.
And we discussed images of animals and their babies; how are they different/alike?

Other ARTS & CRAFTS: Exploring with ice paints
It was lots of fun watching the 2 years old use the ice paints. They did lots of different pictures and enjoyed the whole process as much as the end product.
Also, using the stick required lots of great use of their fine motor skills
they could be as creative as they liked and sensory awareness was high.

We have noticed these last two weeks that our children are engaging more than ever in our building area, they are developing their imagination building animal shelters with big wooden blocks; some of them are experiencing a sense of achievement as they “have a go” and create their unique towers; and most importantly, several children have started to build together: they take turns, share materials and cooperate with others, forging new friendships.


Our new 2 years old are enjoying their new setting so far. We found out that feeding the chickens is one of their favourite activities of the day so far! 🙂

Farm Animals!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to nursery, we hope you had a lovely time over the Christmas holidays!

This week in Nursery we have been learning about farm animals. Mrs Bah has encouraged our children to decorate paper plates with black, yellow and pink paints and stuck noses, beaks or snouts on to their paper plates to create cows, chickens and pigs.

We also had our very own farm on one of the tables made with soil, hay, tractors and farm animals. Our children really enjoyed feeding the farm animals the hay and during outdoor play our children have been feeding the chickens in the playground our leftover snacks.

We have read several farm books and we have sung ‘Old McDonald, Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ at every possible occasion.





More Christmas Fun!!!

The children started the week decorating their very own unique party crowns, they used lots of sparkly confetti, glitter and pictures.


Printing stars using gold and silver paint was another creative activity the children enjoyed this week.

Most of the children really like getting their hands messy so making reindeer faces was a lot of fun.  First, the children made lots of brown hand prints…….


The children then added the eyes and red nose to finish their reindeer. They all look AMAZING!!!

Lots of different sparkly coloured tinsel was placed in the sensory tray for the children to use to decorate wooden blocks.  Some of the children decided to decorate our nursery Christmas tree with more tinsel too.

Play dough is also very popular with the children and this week it has been white with very fine sparkly glitter, just like glistening white snow but not as cold.

We have been practising everyday this week for our Christmas party by singing Christmas songs, dancing and playing instruments.  We can’t wait till next Wednesday morning!!!


The sensory tray on Thursday morning was filled with soft smooth flour, porridge oats and glitter.  The children enjoyed filling up and emptying pots, cups and toy trucks with the mixture.

Mrs Bah the Christmas Tree read stories to the children in our very own grotto.  Mrs Bah is a  great Christmas Tree, don’t you think?

See you all next week for our final week of Christmas activities before we break up for the holidays on Thursday 20th December.

Christmas is here!

All the children (and adults) were very excited to decorate the Christmas tree.

We also made Christmas cards using lots of different Christmas pictures and shiny snow flakes and glitter.  We decorated shiny cds to use as Christmas tree ornaments.


We played Christmas songs during the session and learned to sing some popular Christmas songs …. Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells…. What a Great Week.

MS Whitely came to read us a story in Santa’s grotto.

We finished the week by inviting all the new children to our stay and play session.


Colourful Week

The 2 year old have enjoyed exploring with different colours including red ,blue, yellow etc. This week we decided to extend further the children’s interest by collaborating all the colours to make rainbows. on the creative table , we introduced the children to colour matching. we provided them with visuals and pictures of rainbow and pre- cut colours to find the correspondent colours. The children enjoyed taking part in this activity as they spent a prolonged period of times sticking the right colour to the rainbow.



Also, we introduced the children to a colour song during individual carpet time to which the loved to join in to sing. We also had colour  matching games to which the children were encourage to match it  to the right colour. it was such an exciting game which the children love to play.

on the tactile table, we made coloured glitter playdough. The children were engaged in this activity and used different approaches of learning which includes rolling, feeling and cutting the playdough.

Glitter Playdough

The water area was enhanced with different coloured Duplo bricks and balls. The children had fun splashing the water, filling pots and pans and also explored with the lego. Others also enjoyed taking turns with encouragement.

we went on further to explore with  Rainbow rice. The children were amazed at the colourful rice. Some of the children expressively said “Wow”!. Some other children attempted to say the colours of the rainbow rice randomly. They had a fantastic time filling pots and pans with rice, pouring ,scooping and feeling them as they play. The children also represented their thought imaginatively as they pretend to cook the rice.

Rainbow Rice

we also experimented and created beautiful patterns using marbles. The children loved rolling the marbles with colourful paint and seeing the effect on the paper. The children had fun taking part in this activity. Some children took the whole process to another level as the dance by twisting and using whole body movements. We also encouraged them to say the colours.

Rolling and Dance with Marbles!

Last but not the least, we went on to explore with red sand and transport. The children had fun playing in the red sand. They enjoyed feeling the sand, using diggers as they represented their ideas in play. Others enjoyed drawing patterns with their fingers. The children also enjoyed running the vehicles through the sand.

We went on further to create an incredible collage using  the red sand and stencils. The children made beautiful pictures of their choices.

Finally, the children made an incredible painting using brushes.  We provided the children with different paints and brushes to make a design of their choice. They were engage in this activity for a long period of time. The children represented their ideas in this activity as the they begin to make marks. The children were able to take turns with support.

Independent Play

some our 2 year olds have developed tremendously. They have such an incredible child – led play ideas. Well done kids for such an imaginative play.


It has been an incredible colourful week and looking forward to enjoy the weeks ahead even better!



YELLOW week!

Yellow is sunshine and summertime, but with 4°C outside we decided to bring it into the room just for one week. It did warm up the children because they had so much fun playing with flowers, creating bright paintings, trying tasteful food and just yellow hunting.

Yellow snack samplers

We wanted to show the children how good (or not) yellow food can taste by organizing a sampler of various treats. We set out bowls of yellow: cheese, sweetcorn, banana, pepper and lemon. We then encouraged some of them to try a bit of every snack. Here are some pictures of their reactions:


Yellow pepper

Sweet corn (the big favourite)

Mild Cheese

The banana was so successful that we didn’t even have time to take a picture 😀

Sensory bins

Children had some sensory fun and learning the colour yellow in the water tray and the sand tray. In the  water we added on day real flowers and leafs, also yellow sparkly water. For the sand we decided to add yellow trucks and diggers or simply sand yellow tools!

As a special sensory bin we created a yellow discovery tray: going on a yellow treasure hunt around the room we filled the tray with as many yellow things as we could find. Children then enjoyed touching, looking at and exploring all this objects. We added polenta just for more fun!

Let’s get crafty with the colour yellow

We offered the children many creative choices: printing with yellow duplo bricks, making originals collages by sparkling over glue some yellow rice, being free to use brushes and yellow paint, stamping yellow stars or printing with real yellow bell peppers and bananas cut in half.

Birthday girl

On Monday we celebrated Jasnoor’s 3rd birthday. Her family was so generous sharing with us a beautiful and delicious birthday cake. The children could also enjoy wearing animal masks and playing with balloons. Happy Birthday Jasnoor!

Stay and play session

It is again this time of the year: when our 3 years old children will leave us to continue their learning journey in the 3YO nursery and some new 2 years old will join our room. The new children were here on Thursday and stayed with their parents for an hour of free play and get to know each other. It was lovely to meet you all, looking forward to play again with you on Tuesday.

Take over day

Friday was the Take over day in our school, Malaaika and Aayah were our super-star helpers. They took over Ms Holmes and Mrs Bah roles and helped to encourage children to play, read stories, helped to get the snack ready and participate with enthusiasm in our circle time. You were responsible, caring and willing to help all the time, we predict you  a brilliant future in the Early Years sector 🙂







BLUE week!

Last week (w/c 12th November) we had  a really busy BLUE week in the 2YO Nursery.

Blue messy play

Blue creative and manipulative activities

Blue supervised scissors cutting

Blue role playing (singing “Row,row, row your boat”)

We used marbels and blue paint for our focused creative activities. We mixed creativity and science by playing with water, soap and straws too. Our 2YO made lots of fantastic pictures:

Last Thrusday we had BLUE day when everyone wore something blue. And the same day we wore odd socks to celebrate Anti-bullying Day though out school. The odd socks are to celebrate that we are all different…

On Friday 16th November, we did a sponsored “Pyjama day” to raise donations for Children In Need. We all looked amazing in our pj’s:

We had lots of fun crafting, playing and dancing wearing our pyjamas 🙂

What a great week we all had !

Signed: Mrs Bah


RED week!

In the 2 YO Nursery we couldn’t wait to introduce the beautiful world of colours to the children.This half-term we will be talking abut an specific colour each week. We started with RED!

Here are some of the colour-specific things we explored:

Red Collage

An adult input activity, ideal for developing children’s creative skills: Glue a “red themed” collage on paper. We invited the children to choose from different textured papers, all in red, of course!

Apples and peppers are red

In the creative area there was some printing with real apples and peppers. And some  brush painting in red too.

Playdough creations

We set up our play table with red play dough, red cookie cutters and some other tools. The playdough was set up on the table for the whole week being a success each day: red pizzas, red cookies and much more!

Water play

Bringing the fun of learning the colour red into the water!  This involves adding a few drops of red paint to the water tray  and some berry scented soap to stimulate their senses and make lots of bubbles too:)

Let’s make red rice and pasta!

Transfer, fill, empty and pretend cooking is always interesting, this week it was exciting discovering that rice and pasta can be red and a free messy play exploration.


Story time

On Thursday we went to the school’s library. Miss Whiteley read to us  “Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf”, a variation of the classic children’s fairy tale. The children enjoyed identifying any red element through the colourful pages of the story.

Snack time

We have offered the children strawberries, peppers and tomatoes in different days for snack. One of them was more successful than the others… Can you guess which one?

But the best for the end our very exciting Wear Red Day this Friday. Thank you to all the parents who helps us make this day remarkable by dressing their children according to the theme.

It is even more fun if we all take refuge under our big red “shelter”:

Looking forward to continue our colour exploration next week, BLUE will be the focus of our next activities.