Spring growing

In the two year old nursery this term we started off by planting some seeds, watered them and watched them start to germinate. When the seedlings got big enough we planted them into plant pots.

We planted the rest of the seedlings in the nursery garden.

Easter parents stay and play

All the 2 year old nursery parents were invited to come into nursery to do some activities with there child and an Easter egg hunt. The children and parents made some fantastic Easter baskets.

All the 2 year old nursery children took it in turns to make some chocolate crispy buns.

The children did a great job at mixing the ingredients together and spooning it into the bun cases. You all got to take one home too.

Farm animals in school

What a fantastic day we all had today when Ian’s Mobile Farm joined us in school. He brought some of his farm animals for us to meet. It was very exciting and the children were thrilled to be able to touch, brush and play with all of the animals, which included; chickens, ducks, donkeys, alpacas and goats. Meg the sheep dog was awesome at fetching her ball.

Exploring snow and ice

The children enjoyed Playing with snow and ice in the 2 year old nursery this term.

Some children said it was “very cold” but it was defiantly a different sensory feeling…

The children made some beautiful pictures using only cold colours….

All the children did some amazing balancing.

We even went outside to play when it snowed, the children where very excited.


Christmas is a very Exciting time of the year for young children, all the bright flashing lights, all the different colours and not forgetting all the singing we do.

We started Christmas off with decorating the Christmas tree

We welcomed all our parents in to the 2YO nursery for the Christmas stay and play session

all the parents help the children do Christmas crafts and to finish the session we all sang Christmas carols with the children.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our Families.

Exploring Autumn

In the 2 year old nursery this term we all went outside into the school playground to collect sticks and leaves in our buckets. We looked at all the amazing different colours and shapes that the leaves are. Then we took them back to the class room to use then in our arts and crafts.

The children made some amazing pictures: leaf rubbing, leaf printing using paints & colouring with crayons using some amazing Autumn colours.