Sports Day

We had a fantastic couple of weeks playing balls games then we finished off with the parents coming to watch the children take part in their sports day.

we played different ball games…

the children made some fantastic ball pictures using different methods.

Sports day practice

2year old sports day

A big thank you to all the parents that attended, we had a brilliant sports day….

Going on a Mini Beast Hunt….

We all had lots of fun and lots of scares when we went looking for insects this term.

Our 2 year old children where very inquisitive we looked at insect books, we did lots of colouring insect pictures and we look at bugs through the magnifying glass.

Most of all we enjoyed going outside on an insect bug hunt….

We all looked under logs and stones….

then we went for a run about on the school field.

King Charles III Coronation Week

We all had lots of fun this week celebrating king Charles the III coronation.

We all decorated some amazing crown pictures….

We all did some beautiful painting using red, white and blue….

The 2yo nursery children made some fantastic crowns to wear for our coronation picnic ….

We all had fun popping the bubbles afterwards.

Spring growing

Thetopic for the next few weeks in 2yo Nursery is spring growing. We have been planting seeds, watching them grow and finally planting them outside. We have all enjoyed playing in the compost.

All the children printed beautiful flower pictures using lovely bright coloured paints.

Well done 2 year olds we did some great mark making too….

We where all very excited when the 3 year old nursery let us see the baby chicks..

Playdough – Farm Animals

Our topic last week was farm animals and playdough proved to be a popular activity with our 2 year old nursery children. Playdough has many benefits, it develops children’s fine motor skills, it encourages creativity, social interaction and sharing. It also enhances hand eye co-ordination, language skills, as well as having a calming effect.


We talked about different shapes and colours while playing with our dinosaur puzzles and games, we have very clever children in our 2 year old nursery. The children also joined in with colouring dinosaur pictures and making dinosaur footprints with paint.

Lots of sensory play during our dinosaur topic too. The children crumbled shredded wheat, picked up oats and scooped up snow.

Snow days at nursery are ACE!


During our birdwatch topic there were plenty of activities for the children to take part in.

They explored bird seed.

The children made a bird picture using glue sticks and feathers and used crayons to colour in bird pictures too

We had our very own bird hide in the nursery and we used binoculars during our outdoor play to spot birds up high in the sky. The children enjoyed feeding our school chickens and had lots of fun on our birdwatch walk on the school playground.

Christmas in 2YO nursery

Christmas is a very Exciting time of the year for young children, all the bright flashing lights, all the different colours and not forgetting all the singing we do.

We started christmas off with decorating the christmas tree

we all did some christmas baking. The children could choose if they would like mice tarts or jam tarts? Most children choose jam tarts.

We welcomed all our parents in to the 2YO nursery for the Christmas stay and play session

all the parents help the children do christmas crafts and to fishish the session we all sang christmas carols with the children.



We learnt about all the Amazing colours of Autumn.

We all went out into the woods in the school playground to explore why the leaves on the trees have changed colours and are falling on to the ground ??
we all had great fun exploring the woods and we collected lots of leaves…

We did lots of different acctivities using all the leaves we had collected.

We all did a leaf rubbing picture, leaf printing with paint and a tree picture using cotton buds….

We played with al the conckers that had fallen from the trees.