Transport – 7th-11th June 2021

Painting a large box red, started off our transport week. The children were given rollers, paint brushes and red paint. As you can see, they did an amazing job painting the BIG RED BUS.

The children enjoyed sitting in the big red bus and singing, The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. There was lots more fun with boxes……. hiding, laying down for some quiet time and playing with friends.

The children enjoyed the bikes, trikes and relaxing in the wheelbarrow (why not?). They had lots of fun following one another round and round the track, being careful not to go too fast or too slow. Looking left and looking right as well as straight ahead. Beep Beep!!

Making wheel tracks on paper was a popular activity The children made lots of colourful tracks using paint, toy cars and trucks. Great work everyone! Mrs Bah drew a road on a roll of paper and stuck it to our creative table which the children enjoyed, they waited their turn and shared the toy cars with their friends.

We were very lucky this week, as we were given some new toys to play with, trucks, cars and planes! They came with tools so we opened up our very own garage to fix all the transport we were given. The children hammered, they used screw drivers to tighten up screws and even used an electric drill. Some amazing engineers in the making!!

Story time in our Nursery Train was exciting, we read a book all about Things That Go, planes, trains, cars, lorries and bikes. Great listening everyone!

We had a busy week learning all about transport but there was still plenty of time to explore our wonderful outdoor space and to finally enjoy the lovely weather we have all been waiting for.

The 5 Senses

Symphony of the Five Senses | Language Kids World

The last three weeks in 2 year old nursery have been all about THE 5 SENSES.


We went outside to smell the different herbs in our outdoor area.

Bath bombs were placed in the water tray which added a lovely sweet smell to the area as well as lots of bubbles. The sensory area had lots of interesting objects dangling from above, what did the children smell on the sponges, I wonder?


The children enjoyed the feel of shaving foam and the dolls were spotless after such a foamy experience. There was lots of playdough fun too, the children squished it, rolled it, pulled it apart and pressed it flat.

What else did the children do that involved touch?


During snack time we taste lots of different yummy healthy snacks, such as crackers and cheese, toast, breadsticks and a yogurt and cucumber dip. Not forgetting, lots of different fruit such as apples, bananas and pears.

We also had a tasting activity to try some new things. We saw some funny faces and reactions when some of the children tried lemon.


The children use their sight for everything that they do here in nursery. They love watching the chickens and LOOK at the eggs they laid! What else can you see below?


The children made shakers with plastic bottles and coloured rice. We used them during our singing sessions, they made a lovely sound. We also got out our box full of musical instruments to hear what other sounds we could make.


Enjoy seeing how the children created these amazing cards for Mothers day!!

We look forward to seeing you all next week, when we will be doing lots of spring planting and watching how the plants grow over the next few weeks. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Welcome Back!

We have had a great start to the new school year in the 2 Year Old Nursery. It’s been lovely meeting all the new parents and children, as well as welcoming back two of our children from last year. We missed you a lot!

All the children have now settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the nursery inside and outside.

This week we have introduced the 2 year olds to the colour red by providing them with a variety of activities. We had red rice, which they enjoyed scooping up and sprinkling, we had red bubbly water in the water tray, which was very popular and the children produced a wonderful artwork using red paint and printing stamps. Here are a few photos from this week for you all to enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

The 2 Year Old Nursery Team

Dinosaur Week

We have had a lot of fun this week with our dinosaur theme in the 2 year old nursery. We had our own dinosaur look out den, we made an impressive dinosaur footprint collage using paint and dinosaur toys and made fabulous fossils with our playdough and sand dough.

Our gooey slimy dinosaur swamp proved popular with the children. They squelched and splashed the dinosaurs around the swamp, there was green swamp water everywhere!!!!

The children found frozen dinosaurs that they tried excavating from the frozen ice and had plenty of foamy fun in the ice age tray.

We even made dinosaur sounds with musical instruments. The children banged, tapped and rattled, it was just like being in a jurassic park.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday for an exciting final week of the term.

Exploring Sand Inside and Out

This week was all about EXPLORING SAND inside our nursery and in our new outdoor sandpit.

By giving children the opportunity to play with sand by themselves and with others, helps them to develop fine motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, pull a truck and build a castle or moat. Sand play can also help children develop social skills like problem solving, sharing, and communicating.

Stencil Sand Pictures

The children spread glue with a brush within the stencil shapes.  They then sprinkled polenta powder (which is similar to sand texture but finer) on the glue and after they shook off the excess polenta to reveal their very own sand pictures.

We mixed flour and baby oil together and the result was a very soft mixture that was great for making castles.  The children filled up small pots with this special mixture and were prompted to turn them over to see what would happen.

Our sand tray is always a popular place to be with the 2 year olds.  They scooped and patted the sand, filled buckets and made lots of sandcastles.


We thought that all the sandcastles we were making this week needed flags.  So the children were encouraged to decorate their own unique flags.

Time to Explore Sand Outside

The children played by themselves and along with others in the outdoor sandpit.  They filled buckets to make sandcastles, they dug holes in the sand, swept the sand off the path with a sweeping brush or with their fingers and played with diggers in the sand too.

Sea Pictures With Blue Sand (Polenta mixed with blue paint)

It’s been all about texture this week so another creative activity was to encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills whilst exploring sand like textures. They used their hands and fingers to hold a brush to spread the glue on the paper, then picked up the sand like mixture by pinching their fingers together and sprinkling it on the gluey paper.

Making a Cardboard Castle

When there is painting to do the children are never far away.  They painted cardboard boxes and tubes yellow and put them to dry ready to make them into a bright yellow castle.  Now, that’s what I call teamwork!!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you come back refreshed and ready to enjoy another fun packed week on Monday.

Mrs Robottom


Our first week back this term has been very busy with lots of Easter activities. The children used their creative skills and fine motor skills to decorate plastic eggs with felt tips.  It was a little bit tricky keeping the eggs still but we used egg boxes and playdough to keep them from moving around while the children made their masterpieces.

There were number puzzles to solve in the shape of eggs.

The children helped make delicious chocolate nests by mixing the chocolate and cereal together.

Egg collages were fun to make.  The children used different materials, colours and shapes to make their window decorations.  All the children showed wonderful concentration and listening during this activity.

The day finally came when our brand new outdoor play area was ready for us to explore.  As you can see by the photos below, we are very lucky indeed!!!!

Painting egg boxes was another of our creative activities. The children engaged in the activity with adult supervision and made some very colourful creations.

On Thursday morning the children went on an egg hunt outside. They found eggs in the tunnel, around the water play area, hiding among the plants and also in the messy kitchen area.  It was great fun!!!

Messy play was very messy with shaving foam. The children enjoyed the feel of the foam and they found it funny the way it stuck to their hands.

Story time in our new reading corner was very comfortable this week.  A big thank you to Mrs Akoto, we now have some very soft and cosy cushions to sit or lay on while reading all the wonderful books we have.

What an amazing week we have had, new friends have joined the nursery, we have had enormous fun in our new outdoor play area, lots of Easter activities and a new reading corner.  We are very thankful!

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday 23rd April.




We started our BUILDING topic on Monday 11th February and our first creative activity of the week with Miss Whitaker, was painting with lego bricks.  The children enjoyed dipping the lego into the paint and making lots of colourful marks on the paper. This activity was also repeated on Friday.

In the sensory tray we had hay, sticks, bricks and three little toy pigs as The Three Little Pigs was our story of the week.

You might think that dot to dot pictures would be a challenge for our 2 year old children, but not for our AMAZING 2 year olds.  Mrs Bah supervised this activity and was pleasantly surprised by the children’s fine motor skills and ability to join the dots.

Mrs Bah had a very busy day on Monday as she also played a colour matching game with some of the children using coloured paper, tweezers and small colourful objects.  The children were very impressive with their matching skills and determination to master using the tweezers.

Outdoor play this week has been wonderful and different, not only was the weather lovely and sunny but we got to play on the School’s Multi Use Games Area (The MUGA).  The children enjoyed running around, playing with balls, watching the diggers, crane, cement mixer and builders.


Our next creative activity was sticking twigs and hay onto paper to make stick and hay houses just like the three little pigs in our story of the week.  In the sensory tray on Tuesday we had polenta, dumper trunks and diggers.  The children really liked the soft powdery texture of the yellow polenta and enjoyed digging and filling the dumper trunks with the polenta.

STORY TIME – Mrs Gipini read The Three Little Pigs to the children using Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye), which is a form of storytelling originating from Japan. Thursday is also library time for us in the 2 year old nursery with Mrs Whiteley, and you’ll never guess what the story was.  Yes, The Three Little Pigs!! The children showed wonderful listening skills during both these activities, they enjoyed seeing the pictures change as the story continued with Mrs Gipini and four of the children volunteered to wear character masks during library time.

Mrs Akoto helped the children make a straw house with paper and colourful long straws.  This activity was good for developing fine motor skills and the children showed great listening and concentration skills too.

Our 2 year old children just love to build and here are just a few of them building some fantastic structures with wooden blocks independently!!

We borrowed the mini bricks from our 3 year old friends next door and had great fun trying to blow down the towers we built, just like the big bad wolf.

Stay and Play – Mark Making – Thank you to all the parents that came to our stay and play on Thursday morning, it was great seeing you all interacting and mark making with your children. Writing should be seen as an enjoyable fun experience and developing a child’s mark making skills in the early years will allow them to learn to control a pencil in such a way that it becomes automatic.


Have a fun and relaxing half term holiday and we will see you all back on Monday 25th February where our topic will be 1,2,3.




More Christmas Fun!!!

The children started the week decorating their very own unique party crowns, they used lots of sparkly confetti, glitter and pictures.


Printing stars using gold and silver paint was another creative activity the children enjoyed this week.

Most of the children really like getting their hands messy so making reindeer faces was a lot of fun.  First, the children made lots of brown hand prints…….


The children then added the eyes and red nose to finish their reindeer. They all look AMAZING!!!

Lots of different sparkly coloured tinsel was placed in the sensory tray for the children to use to decorate wooden blocks.  Some of the children decided to decorate our nursery Christmas tree with more tinsel too.

Play dough is also very popular with the children and this week it has been white with very fine sparkly glitter, just like glistening white snow but not as cold.

We have been practising everyday this week for our Christmas party by singing Christmas songs, dancing and playing instruments.  We can’t wait till next Wednesday morning!!!


The sensory tray on Thursday morning was filled with soft smooth flour, porridge oats and glitter.  The children enjoyed filling up and emptying pots, cups and toy trucks with the mixture.

Mrs Bah the Christmas Tree read stories to the children in our very own grotto.  Mrs Bah is a  great Christmas Tree, don’t you think?

See you all next week for our final week of Christmas activities before we break up for the holidays on Thursday 20th December.

Trains and Planes

This week in the 2yr Old nursery we continued with the transport theme from last week, with the focus on trains and planes!
We had lots of fun with our very own train made from crates. The children enjoyed being passengers, train drivers and ticket inspectors.

Our big red bus from last week has provided us with lots of fun this week too.   We turned it into a train, a plane and the children also enjoyed playing the three little pigs with Mrs Akoto.

The children went out to the outdoor classroom in the main school grounds to spot planes. They pretended to be planes by spreading their arms out like wings and moved around.  They also saw plane trails in the sky and lots of birds too. They then went for a walk on the school field and continued to swoosh around like planes high in the sky.

The children also had plenty of fun practicing their hand and eye co-ordination through painting, collage and making marks with felt pens.  The children were encouraged to identify the colours and to take turns.

Some of the children also explored the sensory tray with veggie jelly in. It was a different texture to our usual water tray, it was cold, squidgy and wobbly. Some of the children were not too keen on this but the most adventurous enjoyed pulling it apart with diggers, driving cars through it and using their hands to spread it around. Overall we’ve had lots of fun learning about different types of transport these past 2 weeks!

Have a great half term holiday and we’ll see you all back at nursery on Monday 5th November.